The sequel to the Netflix series “The Witcher” also seems to be a total success. Basil Eidenbenz from Zurich plays the donkey in it – and thus a leading role in the episode.

Basil Eidenbenz (28) from Zurich plays a leading role in the second season of “The Witcher”, which appeared on Netflix on Friday.

Z & uuml; rcher Basil Eidenbenz shines in the second season & laquo; The Witcher & raquo;

The 28-year-old has lived and worked in London for ten years. There he graduated from the acting school EFAS (European Film Actor School), which was started in Switzerland.

Z & uuml; rcher Basil Eidenbenz shines in the second season & laquo; The Witcher & raquo;

In the Netflix hit “The Witcher” he can be seen in the role of the donkey. Originally, the actor Thue Ersted Rasmussen (Fast & Furious 9) was supposed to take on the part. However, “Deadline” reported that the actor was forced to give up the role of witcher.

That's what it is

  • On Friday, the second season of the hit series “The Witcher” was released on Netflix.

  • The reactions of the fans on social media have been extremely positive.

  • Zurich actor Basil Eidenbenz (28 ).

  • In an interview with 20 Minuten, he reveals how it got this far and what his personal superhero moment was.

Fans of the fantasy series had to wait for a sequel for over a year: Now the second season of the hit show “The Witcher” has appeared on the Netflix streaming platform – and it did it right away # 1 of the world's most watched Netflix series in December.

The Zurich actor Basil Eidenbenz should be particularly pleased. The 28-year-old plays the role of the donkey at the side of Hollywood star Henry Cavill (38) – which he was able to get hold of by a lucky coincidence: “I didn't expect an inquiry at the time, because the role was actually already taken,” says so the actor in an earlier conversation with 20 minutes.

Originally Thue Ersted Rasmussen was supposed to play the donkey. However, due to scheduling reasons, he had to cancel. «So there was a huge opportunity for me. I recorded the casting tape, sent it in and got the role straight away, ”recalls Eidenbenz.

“Holy Shit, this is really happening right now!”

The filming, which ended about a year ago, took place at an old military airport just outside London: «Whole worlds have been set up in the aircraft hangars. That's pretty impressive, “says the man from Zurich.

The mighty scenery also made his role feel extremely real: “Some actors had already told me about their superhero moments, in which they fully realized what was happening, how they were getting into the role and could hardly believe that they were be allowed to embody the role. I had my superhero moment when I walked across the set in costume for the first time, sword on my back past a mirror. So I thought: Holy Shit, this is really happening! »

Fans are already waiting for the third season

The viewers seem to be enthusiastic about the end result, as initial reactions on Twitter and Instagram show. “I've already watched the whole season and think it's absolutely fantastic,” writes a Twitter user.

Another user admits that he has watched all eight episodes in one go and wants to know: “When does the third season appear?” That should take a while, but the good news is: Netflix has already given the green light for a sequel.

Second season trumps the first

Meanwhile, the second season seems to be even more popular than the first, as an evaluation of the review page «Rotten Tomatoes» shows. The first part was liked by around 68 percent of the viewers – the continuation, however, a proud 96 percent. Even if these numbers could still change, one thing is certain: the initial feedback is definitely positive.

One possible reason for this could be the actor behind the character Nivellen, who appears in the first episode: It's Kristofer Hivju (43). He plays the fan favorite Tormund Riesentod in the hit series “Game Of Thrones”.

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