The actor has been shining in the second season of the popular Netflix series since mid-December. He can only celebrate his success at home, he was tested positive.

Basil Eidenbenz has been infected with Corona. The actor announced this in his Instagram story over the weekend.

 Z & uuml; rcher & laquo; The Witcher & raquo; -Star Basil Eidenbenz has Corona

According to a good friend, the man from Zurich passes the time with “cooking and reading”. But apparently also with cuddling his cat and watching “The Witcher”.

Z & uuml; rcher & laquo; The Witcher & raquo; star Basil Eidenbenz has Corona

In the second season of the Netflix series, which came out on December 17th, the 28-year-old plays a leading role in the episode.


  • Basil Eidenbenz tested positive for the corona virus.

  • On the day of his booster vaccination, he felt the first symptoms.

  • The Zurich actor is currently in quarantine.

  • The second season of “The Witcher” only appeared on Netflix on December 17th. The 28-year-old embodies one of the main roles in the series.

As a witcher Eskel, Basil Eidenbenz has been flickering on TV screens at home since mid-December. On December 17th, the long-awaited second season of “The Witcher” appeared on Netflix, in which the Zurich actor can be seen in one of the leading roles.

The first success – the series made it straight to number 1 of the world's most watched Netflix series in December – can currently only be celebrated in your own four walls. The 28-year-old tested positive for the corona virus, as he announced in his Instagram story on December 25th.

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Slight fever and a little cough

«Basil had the first symptoms exactly on the day of his booster vaccination – that is, a good friend of the actor reveals at the request of 20 minutes. He currently has only mild symptoms such as a slight fever and a little cough and is in quarantine.

But what does a series star who is used to a hectic everyday life in front of the camera and regularly between London – his adopted home -, Berlin – a frequent place of work – and Zurich commutes, actually in isolation? “He passed the time reading and cooking,” it continues. And, according to his Instagram story, also with cuddling his bosom and watching “The Witcher”.

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