Bünzlis are screened out, tax evaders shouldn't even try: the Zurich authorities are looking for staff with a lot of wit.

Two team leaders at the Zurich tax office, one tattooed and one without tattoos.

Zürcher Steueramt is looking for employees for «Something with numbers»

The search is «Something with numbers…»

Zurich's tax office is looking for employees for «something with numbers»

The tax office contradicts the prejudices.

That's what it's all about

  • The tax office of the Canton of Zurich is looking for new employees.

  • The job advertisement is dripping with self-mockery.

  • The boss shows up with a tattoo and piercing.

State employees are Bünzlis, that is it, the work in the office is monotonous and the colleagues all snore. The cantonal tax office of Zurich wants to refute these prejudices with a job advertisement that attracts attention.

The tax office is looking for two securities auditors. These are the government employees who check whether the taxpayer's information about the securities is correct and checks the details in the tax return, for example for inheritances. The job advertisement is labeled “Something with numbers”.

Tax evaders should not apply

We are looking for employees who master everyday life with humor despite a lot of routine activities. They should complement the “motley bunch” in the team. People who evade taxes are not wanted. The advertisement says that people who eat pizza with pineapple would not have it easy either.

Anyone who is interested in the job can apply online to one of the two responsible team leaders who are on the advertisement with a photo are shown. One of them is Stéphanie Heinzelmann. The 26-year-old wears a piercing in the photo in the ad and shows tattoos. “You didn't expect that, did you?” it says.

The search for personnel for specialists is anything but easy, according to the explanation for the unusual job advertisement at the cantonal tax office. The advertised position has been open for a long time. With the “fresh language” the office wants to stand out and appeal to a wide range of possible candidates.

Details such as the manager's tattoo are intended to show that people from very different backgrounds are suitable for the position – as long as they do the job seriously and reliably. This is the first job advertisement of this kind. It is not yet clear whether more will follow in this style and depends on the response that is now starting.

«God knows, the boss doesn't look like a tax officer»

Personnel expert Jörg Buckmann finds the somewhat different job advertisement successful. “I would not have expected that from the canton. With a lot of wit, he straightened out the staid image of the tax office, »says Buckmann on request. He thinks it's courageous for the team leader to show herself with a picture, although “God knows she doesn't look like a supervisor in the tax office,” says Buckmann.

Personnel expert Matthias Mölleney from Peoplexpert also likes the job advertisement. “Diversity is good for the climate and for performance. If the employees are too similar, it becomes monotonous. It needs a colorful mix», says Mölleney.

He is convinced that it is precisely with such a special advertisement that you can reach interesting people. However, the question arises as to whether there isn't a creative marketing gimmick behind it, while the team is just as boring as it is always said in the prejudices about civil service.

That's why we change jobs

Around a quarter of Swiss women and Schweizer has changed jobs since the pandemic began. The most common reason for changing jobs: a better work-life balance. This is the result of a recent study by the career network Xing. A fifth of those surveyed also stated that they had changed employers for more flexible working hours or higher wages. 30 percent quit their job without having a binding commitment for a new job.

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