Over the festive season, the traditional “Animal Christmas” will be celebrated again in the Walter Zoo in Gossau SG. After the event had to take place without visitors last year, this year you can again watch zoo animals open Christmas presents.

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Zoo animals unpack Christmas bags

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  • is aboutAt the Walter Zoo in Gossau SG, the zoo animals receive Christmas presents every year.

  • After no spectators were admitted last year, the “Animal Christmas” will take place in front of an audience again this year.

  • The zoo animals are given food that tastes particularly good to them.

  • The 2G rule and a mask requirement applies to zoo visits in the interiors.

In the Walter Zoo in Gossau SG, the animals also receive Christmas presents. The long tradition of the “Animal Christmas” is being continued this year. Last year the animals received their presents without an audience due to the pandemic, this year spectators are again allowed. During the festive season, visitors to the Walter Zoo can watch the zoo animals open their Christmas presents.

There are various delicacies in the packages for the zoo animals. “We don't give the animals any toys, but give them food that they particularly like. For example, the chimpanzees receive dried fruit or nuts, ”says Thomas Harder, Head of Marketing and Sales at Walter Zoo, on request. On the one hand, this is a great experience for the spectators and, on the other hand, a meaningful occupation for the animals. “Depending on the species, brute force or skill is used to open the packages or to remove them from the Christmas tree,” Harder continues.

Pandemic restrictions

The people in charge of the Walter Zoo are happy to welcome spectators again this year. However, there are also certain restrictions this year that can be attributed to Covid-19. «Usually the presents are wrapped by children. This year, this will be done by employees, as the visitors would get too close when wrapping the gifts, ”says Harder. In addition, the 2G rule as well as a mask requirement in the interior apply when visiting the zoo.

Nevertheless, lively visitors are expected: “The event is very popular with the people. Especially on December 24th it is a good opportunity for parents to keep excited children busy during the day, »says Harder.

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