Half a year ago, Youtuber and presenter Marvin Wildhage got unsuspecting influencers to advertise his fake product “Hydrohype”. With his new campaign «Stick & amp; Collect »is causing an uproar in the community again.

The Youtuber Marvin has already attracted attention several times with pranks and fake experiments.

Youtuber Marvin pranks influencer again

Two years ago Marvin sneaked into the professional training sessions of the football clubs Hannover 96 and Hertha BSC in Germany.

 Youtuber Marvin pranked influencer again

In May 2020 he sent supposed dinosaur bones to selected creators.

That's what it's all about

  • Youtuber Marvin is known for his fake experiments and has already dealt with legal problems several times.

  • In the In the past few months he has been targeting influencers in particular.

  • He managed various creators last summer because of a fake face cream and now thanks to his current prank «Stick & amp; Collect »again on the neck.

The Youtuber and presenter Marvin Wildhage made a name for himself early on through various interviews with celebrities. About two years ago he finally started to attract attention mainly with fake videos. For example, he smuggled a Dieter Bohlen double to an interview with the ignorant Youtubers Tanzverbot or sneaked into the football training of the professionals from wearing jerseys from the fan shop Hannover 96 and Hertha BSC . He also succeeded in testing, forging a doctorate and putting pressure on the development of digital vaccination records , since these too can easily be forged.

Marvin is now primarily targeting influencers

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Marvin has been targeting influencers in particular. In March 2020 he reached with his Prank , in which he sent supposedly real dinosaur bones to selected social media giants, not only over 600,000 views, but even got livestreamer Knossi and influencer Dominic Harrison to publicly thank them for this special post. What they didn't know is that those bones were just chicken wings.

About half a year ago, Marvin finally sent a fake face cream to influencers and asked them to advertise the new product. He wanted to find out whether some online personalities would say “EVERYTHING for money” without carefully examining the products to be advertised. In the list of ingredients, the professionally designed packaging, he hides terms such as “Asbestos”, “Uranium” and “Pipi Kaka Seedoil”, but some people recommended this product to others. 20 minutes reported.

A fake sticker album is Marvin's latest trick

With «Stick & amp; Collect »Marvin has now achieved another prank. With built-in evidence that he is behind the fun, a sticker book was developed that offers space for stickers from various influencers. His two videos from this current campaign have already generated over a million views in a short time. With a specially set up website, bought followers for the Instagram channel, merchandise and promotional measures, Marvin went for “Stick & amp; Collect »attentively. He also sent the magazines to selected influencers.

In addition to an aggressive live argument between streamer Knossi and Youtuber Tanzverbot, various calls from management and creators followed, because Marvin violated copyrights in his album and integrated misinformation and rumors into the lyrics. So far, he's got away with a black eye. The sticker books are not available for sale, but can be found in his kiosk in Berlin Weissensee.

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 Youtuber Marvin pranks influencer again

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