“Your greatest success?”

«Votre plus grande réussite?»

THREE RIVERS — “If you were to ask someone why they want to become an entrepreneur, many will answer that it is to make money. However, this is not enough to make it through. And when we ask the entrepreneurs to long-standing what is their greatest success, is not having made a profit.”

This is the kind of findings that Sylvie Deslauriers has shared Wednesday with members of the Chamber of commerce and industry of Trois-Rivières in the framework of the conference on the attitudes of the contractor, a subject that she has just approached under the form of a volume, and this, “to speak of the human being that is the contractor”.

According to it, the road to entrepreneurship is strewn with challenges and obstacles that make the road both exciting and scary. Hence the aim of identifying the attitudes that will help the entrepreneur to succeed and to be satisfied with his course.

In his opinion, it is necessary to first be aware of its strengths and weaknesses. “What is it that you don’t like to do? What is it that scares you?”, request to the author.

In addition to being in charge, Ms. Deslauriers believes that the entrepreneur should be honest in giving the right time, and result. “It is wrong to say that all means are good to achieve his purpose”, highlights the guest of the day.

Other theme: to be a leader. “From my point of view, the entrepreneur has a decisive influence on his entourage. By his actions, gestures and words, or by its inaction, the contractor shall give the example. It determines the culture of his company. Is it that he accepts that an employee’s lack of respect to one of his colleagues? To the customers? It seems to me important that the contractor questions the values that are important to him, as it has an influence, sometimes without knowing it, the atmosphere of the company,” she notes.

Inviting the contractor to be balanced by ensuring their personal well-being, it is also important that it be vigilant and have eyes all around the head and not taking anything for granted”.

“What will you respond when you are asked what is your greatest achievement?”-it started as a question at the end of his speech.

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