Bode and Morgan Miller reveal in an interview that they are having a hard time naming their offspring. Now you can even vote on it on Instagram.

Morgan and Bode Miller have revealed: their seven-week-old daughter still does not have one Names.

 After seven weeks your baby still has no name

However, the former ski racer and former beach volleyball player is not lacking in ideas. The fact that they struggle with the naming is due to the “special personality” of the little ones.

Your baby still has no name after seven weeks

Now they let their Instagram community decide between a selection of first names. The choice fell on Scarlet Olivia Grier.

That's what

  • The baby of Bode (44) and Morgan Miller (34) saw the light of day on November 26th.

  • However, the daughter of the former sports professional is still nameless.

  • Now they are looking for help from their Instagram community.

US athlete Bode Miller (44) and his Ms. Morgan Miller (34) had a daughter at the end of November. Now the former Olympic ski racer reveals that the little one still doesn't have a name. Instead, because it is Bode's eighth child, they temporarily name the baby Ocho, which means number eight in Spanish.

The fact that the couple is still struggling with the naming is due to the “special personality” of the seven-week-old daughter, as Bode and Morgan reveal in an interview with “Today”. So the baby has not reacted to any of the possible names so far. At least the parents are not lacking in ideas. “We have many that we like, but she never smiled or gave us a high-five when we told her – which we do all the time,” the 44-year-old told Today. He and Morgan are therefore pretty “baffled”.

Skylar, Scarlett or Olivia

The couple also reveals their previous favorites: Skylar, Scarlett with the nickname Lettie, or Olivia with the nickname Liv. “All of them have a special meaning for us,” explains Morgan, a former professional beach volleyball player. “I'm a big fan of Liv, Olivia”, says Bode and explains: “It is a bit frustrating that he is currently one of the most popular. Most of our children's names aren't that common. But of course we won't let that stop us. ”

Bode and Morgan already have sons Nash (6), Easton (3) and twins Asher and Aksel (2). In 2018, the couple had to cope with a severe blow of fate. Her 19-month-old daughter Emeline Grier was killed by drowning in a pool. Bode also brings his son Nate (8) and daughter Dace (13) with him from previous relationships. According to his own statement, the family with Baby Ocho is now complete.

Instagram community chooses names

To finally make a choice when it comes to naming their youngest offspring , ask your followers for help. In her Instagram story, Morgan let her community vote on Wednesday. As a first name you can choose between Scarlet and Skylar – although the former is more popular.

The middle name Olivia has already been determined and the third name is chosen between Khione (Greek goddess of snow) and Grier. The followers opt for the latter. Provided that Bode and Morgan are based on the votes, the whole name of the little ones should be Scarlet Olivia Grier.

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