You who are born on 29 march 1956

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Toi qui es né le 29 mars 1956

CHRONICLE / It is necessary that I tell you the story of Robin Frigon, one of those children left in the nursery, at a time when the fate was cruel for the girls-mothers. He researched to find his parents, but they are eight brothers and sisters that he has traced. It does lack a single call and they want to find.

“I always knew that I had been adopted (in 1957), but I’ve never felt the need to find my biological parents, because I was very happy in my adoption family. But in 1994, my daughter has had health problems related to her kidneys and the doctor would have liked to have information on his family history, ” says Robin Durant, I joined the telephone at his residence in the Montreal area.

Request for siblings

“So I made a request for his siblings to find biological parents in CIUSSS. Surprised, I discovered that I had a sister and a brother who sought me already. It was freaked out when I heard it. I immediately made contact and we met in may 1994. They knew each other since 1984, but none of us knew the identity of our parents. We knew at that time that we were missing two brothers, according to the reports of adoption, ” explains the one who was delighted to find the family.

Robin, her brother Christian and her sister, Suzanne continued to do the research to find the two brothers missing. “In 2006, we knew that our biological parents were dead, but I still participated in the show, The reunion of Claire Lamarche to trace our brother, but without success,” says Robin Frigon, who has never ceased its research.

A new hope was manifested in the month of June 2018 with the adoption of bill 113. “It is a law that gives access to the names of the biological parents to be deceased. Upon the entry into force of the act, I have made an application to the Motion the reunion to learn, three months later, my parents called Bertrand Riverin and Judith Boudreault, originating from Chicoutimi and Saint-Félix-d’otis, ” reveals Robin Frigon.

“There I was freaking out ben stiff, after all these years I now had a surname, a name, but then he had to that I found and all I knew is that they were from the Saguenay,” he says.

Fire Judith Boudreault

“In the month of November, I am launching a perch on Google with the words “fire Judith Boudreault” and I stumbled on the obituary of Ms. Pierrette Bédard died on October 8, 2018, at the age of 80 years, wife of Mr. Rémi Riverin, residing at Chicoutimi. She left a grieving family whose fire – ‘Judith Boudreault, fire Bertrand Riverin,’ says the one who was thought to be on a good track at this time. The child of the adoption is the phone number of Rémi Riverin which hangs up on the nose believing it is a scam.

The child of a mother-daughter retraces a certain Henri-Paul Boudreault in the notice of death and found through Canada411, and tells him of his efforts. “It holds your history, it may. When I was young, my sister Judith came to Montreal with a big white dress. And my mother said that she was going to have the surgery before you go back to the city “, a valid one that is, finally, the uncle of Robin Frigon.

“If you really are the son of Judith and Bertrand, I just want to tell you that you have five brothers and sisters in Montreal who wait for you “, he threw the old uncle, knowing that he would lift the veil on old family secrets.

Family of 11 children

Finally, the research of Robin would have learned that his parents Judith and Bertrand had 11 children, six of whom are outside the bonds of marriage, born between 1954 and 1959. Suzanne, born in January 1954, was put into adoption, and Jude, the second, born in December 1954, was kept by his grandmother in Saint-Félix-d’otis before returning to live with his parents in 1960. The third, born march 29, 1956, is the brother that the family research and has been adopted by parents residing in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. The fourth child is Robin Frigon adopted and born in 1957. The fifth, Christian Tremblay, was adopted after his birth in may 1959, and the sixth is a dead child-was born in 1959.

After their marriage in Montreal in 1960, Judith Boudreault and Bertrand Riverin resumed their daughter Jude with them, before you put the world’s five other children inside the sacred ties of marriage, without telling anyone what had happened in their life for young, single people. Of this union holy are born Gilles in 1961, Josée in 1963, Luc, 1964, Nathalie (1965) and Michel (1967).

You can imagine the reaction when Robin Frigon phoned Luc Riverin, owner of a convenience store in Joliette, to tell him that he had two brothers and one sister of more. “There was a lot of emotion during our meeting in the month of December. Just to see the traits of the family of each, there was no doubt on our links. My sister Suzanne has found two sisters, and the girls had a lot of things to tell “, he says.

A moral insensible to love

It is a cousin of the family, Roman Riverin, who made me know this story. “The nine new brothers and sisters would like to find the third of the family before a meeting scheduled with the whole family in the month of June. We have launched a page on Facebook entitled, Born march 29, 1956 to try to reach as many people as possible “, argues Roman Riverin, very touched by this story that translates well through the time.

Gilles Vigneault, in the song Madam Adrienne, speaks of a ” barbarism in the mask of virtue, which banned the child, depriving him of his mother, in the name of a legal entity insensible to love “. He also says that ” The honour, in these times, wanted to exile/Keep the secret and pretend/That they had found work in the city/And we would return for the day of the Year. “

It was the time where morality was insensible to love.

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