In the past few years the snowfall in the mountains has been rather modest. But there is little to complain about this year: In the ski areas of central Switzerland, there is more snow at the start of the season than there has been for a good 30 years.

All the snow ensures a furious start to the winter season 2021.

 & laquo; You haven't been able to look forward to so much snow since the 90s & raquo;

For example on the Rigi, where the abundance of snow made the slopes very well frequented.

 & laquo; You haven't been able to look forward to so much snow since the 90s & raquo;

Füssenich, CEO of Rigi Bahnen AG, says: “The snow conditions are excellent and we expect up to one meter of fresh snow on Rigi Kulm by the end of the week.”

That's what it's all about

  • The winter season started last weekend in most of central Switzerland's ski areas.

  • Balance of the season opener: The record-breaking amount of snow attracted many Winter sports enthusiasts on the slopes.

  • The operators of the ski resorts are therefore expecting a very good winter season.

After years of little snow, the heavy snowfall in recent days seems to promise an above-average winter season: In Andermatt and Engelberg, for example, there is already up to two meters of snow in places. But also in lower elevations such as in the Mythen region or the Ibergeregg in Schwyz there was a good 80 centimeters of fresh snow this week. This not only pleases winter sports enthusiasts, but of course also the operators of the ski slopes. We asked.

Thick snow cover on Rigi

Frédéric Füssenich, CEO of Rigi Bahnen AG, is visibly pleased: “The snow conditions are excellent and we expect up to one meter of fresh snow on Rigi Kulm by the end of the week.” According to Füssenich, the start was cautious on Wednesday a week ago due to the weather, but the rush to the Rigi at the weekend was all the greater. “Even then, the weather turned out to be rather bad. Nevertheless, we were able to welcome many guests. The toboggan runs in particular were well attended, ”said the CEO. The snow arrives as ordered, as the Rigi Bahnen is celebrating its 150th anniversary. “With regard to the Christmas holidays, we are extremely confident that we can offer a great winter offer on the Rigi,” says Füssenich.

Record-breaking snow conditions

Similar sounds come from the Stoos: “The snow conditions are record-breaking. Since the 90s you haven't been able to look forward to so much snow at the start of the season », says Sandro Widmer, Head of Marketing and Sales at Stoosbahnen AG. Thanks to the dream conditions, according to Widmer, the Klingenstock can also be opened this weekend, making almost the entire Stoss area accessible. “We are pleased to be able to offer the loyal Stoos guests such top conditions so early in the season,” continues Widmer.

The Mythen region also has a strong start to the season. «There is already 80 centimeters of fresh snow on the Rotenflue. That is why our snow sports area was very well attended last weekend », says Remo Gwerder, Managing Director Rotenfluebahn Mythenregion AG. However, all railways will not be put into operation until this week. According to Gwerder, his guests also really appreciate the sun terraces of the mountain restaurants. Especially the «Gipfelstubli» at the mountain station of the Rotenfluebahn is very popular all year round because of its wheelchair accessibility.

In contrast, there is only around 30 centimeters of snow in the Sattel-Hochstuckli area. Nevertheless, they are satisfied: “The winter season got off to a good start. Last Sunday, over 500 guests cavorted on the ski slopes or on the winter hiking trails. The Samichlaus visit to the mountain inn Mostelberg also attracted young and old », says the managing director of Sattel-Hochstuckli AG Theo Baumann.

“Thanks to snow farming, technical snowmaking and glacier cover, we were able to start the ski season on the Gemsstock at the end of October,” says Matthias Furrer, temporary managing director of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG. Thanks to the snowfall, the main season can start on time in around two weeks. Despite bad weather conditions in Andermatt, the visitors remained stable compared to the previous year. “We are therefore very satisfied with the development of the visitors,” said Furrer. However, one can only hope that it stays that white throughout the winter season.

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