In the GameInn, guests can play wellness and massage in a fully equipped gaming room. Five PC setups, all popular consoles and retro games warm every nerd's heart.

At the Hotel Allegra Lodge am At Zurich Airport, gamers are currently welcome.

 You can go on a gaming vacation in this Swiss luxury hotel

In addition to the hotel room, interested parties can book gaming rooms. Here with fully equipped high-end computers.

 You can go on a gaming vacation in this Swiss luxury hotel

These gaming vacation are for e-athletes or hobby gamers thought.

That's what

  • GameInn is a rentable LAN party location.

  • Guests can spend their gaming holidays here.

  • A fully equipped game room is available.

  • The luxury Hotel also offers gamers a wellness offer.

First into the massage, then a fine three-course menu for dinner and finally deeply relaxed gaming with the girls and boys in the lounge. This luxury concept for gamers is becoming a reality: Two to five guests can rent a room in the GameInn for a very private gaming session.

This luxurious LAN party takes place in the Hotel Allegra Lodge at Zurich Airport. The guests sleep in a room of their choice and benefit from the fitness and wellness area; Breakfast buffet and even catering are possible. In addition to these usual hotel services, the gaming room and the console lounge come to the fore.

High-tech equipment

A fully equipped gaming room with five PC setups awaits the guests. The high-performance computers are complemented by modern peripherals and gaming chairs. There is also a webcam on every PC for streamers. Guests can leave their devices at home. Those who like it cozy can relax on the sofa in the console lounge.

Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch and even an arcade machine with over 3500 retro games are available in the lounge; not only e-athletes, but also casual gamers can play a round with friends in a quiet atmosphere. The offers start at 129 francs per person per night. More information is available here.

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