With Bowie's “Toy” box for his 75th birthday, it starts at the beginning of January, followed by exciting new releases every week. The next pop year should be a good one again, including surprising comebacks and presumed superstar albums.

David Bowie, who died in 2016, would have been 75 years old. But there is now an album of unreleased tracks between 1964 and 1971.

That even what feels like an eternal pandemic cannot paralyze the creativity of music stars was just shown by the jam-packed pop autumn with new albums from Helene Fischer and Abba to Ed Sheeran and Coldplay to Adele and Sting. Next year there should be a lot of big names on the release lists again. Some are already known, others are at least well-founded speculations.

Björk: The tenth studio album by the Icelandic superstar could be in the starting blocks. Not much is known yet, but the eccentric pop diva has already talked about the potential «Utopia» successor on Icelandic radio. Most of the songs have 80 to 90 beats per minute because “I run at that speed”.

 You can already look forward to these album highlights 2022

It is not yet clear whether it will actually be released: Björk's new work.

David Bowie: The British pop magician, who died in 2016, would have turned 75 on January 8th. The opulent “Toy” box set was released the day before as a commemoration: songs recorded in 2001 but not published at the time – mostly new recordings of lesser-known pieces from 1964 to 1971. Welcome consolation for those in mourning.

Liam Gallagher: The younger ex-Oasis brother has hardly taken a break since the beginning of his solo career. With “C’mon You Know” (May 27th) the third album in five years is now due. Allegedly, a song on it is said to be dedicated to his brother and archenemy Noel. “It's a naughty little song, but lovely,” Liam whistled.

Placebo: “Beautiful James” is an impressive forerunner of the album by the British, who have now shrunk to a duo. Nine years after the last record, “Never Let Me Go” (March 25th) shows a distrust of the world. “My reaction to most things is just disappointment,” said singer Brian Molko recently to the Guardian.

 You can look forward to these album highlights 2022

On the road without drummer Charlie Watts: The Rolling Stones should still play and even release an album.

The Rolling Stones: The fact that the oldest rock band in the world is dead with the passing of drummer Charlie Watts this year does not seem to be true. In any case, it is going on live live, and according to “Rolling Stone” magazine Mick Jagger and Co. want to finally release the long-awaited new album at the age of 60.

Scorpions: Anyone who still believes in good old hard rock should make a note of February 25th: Fittingly, “Rock Believer” is the title of the stadium band's 18th studio album from Hanover. The work was created in a very classic way – «all together in one room, just like back in the 80s», says front man Klaus Meine.

Mike Singer: When he was just in his early twenties, the pop singer was already releasing his fifth record. The adaptation of Matthias Reims “Damn I love you” provides a good foretaste of “Emotions” (March 18). He also stole the famous Alphaville line for “Forever Young”. There is also a song with Vanessa Mai.

Bruce Springsteen: The «Boss» is extremely busy as an over 70 artist. After two albums in 2019 and 2020, Broadway appearances, podcasts and books with Barack Obama as well as guest appearances with younger musicians, something big could soon be due again. More own songs should be in the drawer, possibly even with the legendary E Street Band.

Tears For Fears: Since the worldwide success of their monumental record “The Seeds Of Love” (1989), it has become more and more quiet around the 80s pop duo Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. Around 18 years after the first comeback, “The Tipping Point” (February 25) is set to usher in a strong late work. The epic title song sounds very promising.

 You can already look forward to these album highlights 2022

The Weeknd's new album will be called “The Dawn”.

The Weeknd: Most recently, the Canadian pop singer turned the attention level noticeably with the single “Take My Breath” or collaborations with Post Malone (“One Right Now”) and Swedish House Mafia (“Moth To A Flame”) up. A world tour is coming up in the summer, plus a new record. It will probably be called «The Dawn».

Sven Väth: He is now 57 years old, but the German techno pioneer still trusts himself to DJ sets of up to 15 hours: “It's like high voltage for me,” he recently told ZEITmagazin Frankfurt. This year’s comeback singles “Celebrate” and “Mystic Voices” will be followed by the new solo album “Catharsis” at the end of February.

Eddie Vedder: The front man of the biggest remaining grunge rock band Pearl Jam likes to play solo Unexpected things like soundtracks like “Flag Day” or “Ukulele Songs”. The harbingers of “The Long Way” and “The Haves” now indicate that the US singer is again showing his most anthemic side on the upcoming album “Earthling” (February 11th).

Jack White : His riff monster hit “Seven Nation Army” has become an integral part of sports arenas – but the US blues rocker was also successful after the White Stripes. The twelve-time Grammy winner has 23 new tracks in the pipeline, distributed over the albums “Fear Of The Dawn” (April 8) and “Entering Heaven Alive” (June 22).


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