While Hugh Hefner was living his dream, it seemed to have been bunny horror par excellence for some of his wives. Risi is sorry about what her colleagues should have experienced.

Yolanda Risi-Egger (61 ) for a year with Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion. «It was the best time of my life», she says.

 Yolanda Risi talks about her year at the Playboy Mansion

In 1984 she graced the cover of men's magazine and became the Named Playmate of the Year.

Yolanda Risi talks about her year at the Playboy Mansion

Today Risi-Egger works as an entrepreneur and editor-in-chief of” Sette “magazine.

That's what

  • The US documentary “Secrets of Playboy” will be released in January.

  • In it, several women raise allegations against the late “Playboy” founder Hugh Hefner (91).

  • He is said to have psychologically destroyed her and forced her to have sex.

  • The Swiss Yolanda Risi-Egger (61) lived in the Playboy Mansion for a year and knew «Hef».

  • “I never heard of commands, prohibitions or even compulsions,” she reveals for 20 minutes.

Luxury, glamor, beautiful blonde women: Hugh Hefner (91) lived his dream come true in his world-famous Playboy Mansion. But this seems to have been a downright nightmare for some women. More and more “bunnies” are making serious allegations against the “Playboy” founder who died in 2017 in the TV documentary “Secrets of Playboy”, which will be released in January.

Including the twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon (32), who lived as friends at Hefner's side for three years: “He broke us mentally. He had signs all over the house saying what we could do, eat, or drink. We weren't even allowed to talk to other men and were forced to smile. »

Forced to have sex

The worst: They were forced to have sex. “Nobody knows what we've been through and what it feels like to be an 18 year old girl with an 83 year old man. And having oral sex with him and your twin sister. That is something you cannot forget. ” The two were still struggling with what they had experienced and have since suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Holly Maddison (41) reported something similar in the podcast “Call Her Daddy”: Hefner offered her a sleeping pill that he always called a “thigh opener”. Holly refused, but was “completely drunk and high” for smoking a joint earlier. So she ended up in Hefner's bedroom and then had sex with the landlord and other women: “I was already so stepped away that I really had no more control over the situation.”

According to Madison, many of the residents had often secret lover: “When Hef found out, he got super jealous. There was a curfew. After 9 p.m. we were no longer allowed to leave the villa. Whoever came home just five minutes later was blaming Hef. »

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Swiss woman in Playboy heaven

Yolanda Risi-Egger knows nothing of such experiences: “I have never heard of commands, prohibitions or even compulsions. Neither of us had to have sex with Hugh if she didn't want to. There were no sex parties or drugs. He had a steady girlfriend at the time and she never reported anything bad either, ”she said in an interview with 20 Minuten. In 1984 Risi was the first Swiss woman to be named “Playmate of the Year”, which opened the doors to Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion for her. The now 61-year-old lived with the landlord on the property for a year. «It was the best time of my life. If you live there, you get everything provided, you don't have to worry about anything and live a dream, ”she recalls.

Risi describes herself as a freedom-loving person, she would not have put up with being restricted in her actions and thoughts. «At the time I was in a relationship with Frank Stallone and was allowed to drive to him at any time in the private car provided. Curfews were never an issue. ” She was even one of the few who lived entirely on the property, since she couldn't easily commute between Beverly Hills and Switzerland.

Even today, Yolanda regrets not staying any longer. «Nothing ever went wrong during my time. We women treated Hef with decency and respect, and he treated us. But people sometimes change over the years. But I cannot say whether that also applies to him, we had no more contact after I moved out. But I'm sorry for what my successors say. »

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