The influencer's three-month-old daughter now gets a bottle instead of a breast. The reason given by the neo-mom for this decision met with bitter criticism.

Yeliz Koc has decided to stop breastfeeding. But their fans have no understanding for the reason.

 Yeliz Koc smokes again after giving birth, but & laquo; only with glove & raquo;

The mother of daughter Snow Elanie has started to smoke – but only with gloves.

Yeliz Koc smokes again after birth, but & laquo; only with glove & raquo;

However, the 28-year-old and her little one spent Christmas Eve with dad Jimi Blue with his mum Natascha Ochsenknecht (57). There he took this snapshot.

That's what

  • Yeliz Koc lets her more than 552,000 followers take part in her mom's everyday life.

  • But the openness of the 28-year-old is now her undoing. After a question and answer session on Instagram, she received heavy criticism.

  • The reason: She revealed that she no longer breastfeeds her daughter because she has started smoking again.

  • Fans refer to her as «Irresponsible».

  • Koc himself gets annoyed by the criticism and the constant search for errors.

As an influencer, Yeliz Koc lets her more than 552,000 followers regularly participate in her everyday life. The 28-year-old became the mother of little Snow for the first time at the beginning of October and is also happy to report on her mommy existence. But that she is also offensive with her open manner, the ex-girlfriend of Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29) found out after her last Instagram question and answer session.

In doing so, she revealed something that some of her fans don't like at all: “Because so many people are asking again if I'm not breastfeeding anymore. No, I don't anymore. ” So far, nothing surprising, because Yeliz had repeatedly emphasized in the past that she did not feel comfortable breastfeeding, but wanted to continue breastfeeding for the sake of her baby.

With their fans, however, the real and final justification of the neo-mom is the one that causes incomprehension. Because she added in her Instagram story: «And should I tell you something else? I'm smoking again. ” To do this, she used the ironic hashtag “Bad Mother”. In addition, she shared a picture of her hand with glove and made it clear: «But I have to say, only with glove.»

Koc has no fun because of nasty comments

The reactions of the fans weren't long in coming. One user wanted to know from the influencer: “And what do you do with your mouth when you kiss the little one? I find it irresponsible. ” Koc responded and explained: “Well, we don't kiss her on the mouth or on the hands. She takes it in her mouth. Everything else is, I think, harmless. »

Yeliz has had to deal with criticism several times. But she still doesn't seem indifferent to the latest comments and remarks: “Maybe that's the reason why I post so little. Because it's just not really fun anymore. Only errors are searched for. ”

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