After giving birth in October, the reality TV actress now seems to have lost the last of her pregnancy pounds. This is shown by bikini selfies from the Sri Lanka vacation.

” Hi from Sri Lanka “, greets Yeliz Koc (28) on Insta and posts a mirror selfie in a bikini.

 Yeliz Koc inspires with her after-baby body

While her followers are enthusiastic about her post-pregnancy body, some skeptics threw her under a «Promiflash» -Repost, having retouched your figure afterwards or having chosen an advantageous pose in order to appear slimmer.

Yeliz Koc inspires with her anus -Baby Body

In her Insta story, Yeliz makes it clear:“ Strangely, when I showed my bacon belly, nobody said that the photo was edited. You are only directly fake if you are slim. »

That's what it's about

  • Six weeks after the birth of her little Snowie, Yeliz Koc (28) showed her after-baby body for the first time.

  • Three months after the birth, she is delighting her followers with a bikini selfie from the holidays.

  • The reality TV actress is currently filling up with her family in the sun in Sri Lanka.

Yeliz Koc (28) is currently on vacation in Sri Lanka with her family. For the reality TV actress the perfect occasion to show her 552,000 followers with a bikini mirror selfie that three months after the birth, the last pounds of pregnancy have probably tumbled off. There are compliments and fire emojis in the comments. “Hot Mummy”, thinks reality TV colleague Lena Schiwiora (25) and TV host Kamil Golik says: “Hotter than the police allow.”

However, there were also critical voices under a repost of the Insta account from Skeptics accused her of retouching her figure afterwards or of choosing an advantageous pose to look slimmer. In her Insta story, the 28-year-old mom comments: “Strangely, when I showed my bacon belly, nobody said that the photo was edited. You are only directly fake if you are slim. ” She also posts more photos in which her after-baby body can be seen not only from the side but also from the front.

Yeliz showed the body six weeks after the birth

In November, the former “Bachelor” and “Sommerhaus der Stars” candidate showed her post-pregnancy belly and her stretch marks as part of a question and answer session on Insta just six weeks after the birth. She said at the time: “I still have ten kilos on it from pregnancy and I think that my figure looks exactly the same as it did before pregnancy”. In the nine months she gained a total of 23 kilos and weighed 80 kilos.

A few days ago about her break in Sri Lanka, Yeliz explained in her story: “My whole family is here: my mom, mine Sister and her children, my brother-in-law. Snowie is of course also there. ” She did not explicitly reveal whether ex-boyfriend and child father Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (30) also flew into the warm with the Kocs.

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