A few months ago, the reality TV actress blamed Jimi Blue's family for the breakup and gave it a hard deal. Now they have spent Christmas Eve together.

Yeliz Koc poses with daughter Snow Elanie in front of her Christmas tree.

< p>  Yeliz Koc and the Ochsenknechts made a mistake at Christmas

However, the 28-year-old and her little one spent Christmas Eve with dad Jimi Blue with his mum Natascha Ochsenknecht (57). There he took this snapshot.

 Yeliz Koc and the Ochsenknechts made up a mistake at Christmas

The 29-year-old had separated from Yeliz seven weeks before their daughter was born – and a public mud fight ensued.


  • In September, Yeliz Koc (28) violently dealt with the family of ex-boyfriend Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29).

  • She blamed the ox-men for the separation and described them Family as manipulative.

  • But now they seem to have reconciled: Yeliz celebrated Christmas with mom Natascha Ochsenknecht (57).

“I'm being beaten up by Jimi's family,” claimed Yeliz Koc (28) on Instagram a few months ago when the public dispute between her and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29) broke out. While it is known that the ex-couple has often spent time together since the birth of their daughter, it was unclear whether Yeliz had also spoken out with the rest of the oxen. But new Christmas posts show that old arguments are probably forgotten.

The reality TV actress spent Christmas Eve with Jimi Blue and their daughter Snow Elanie with mom Natascha Ochsenknecht (57). Of course also there: Their children Wilson Gonzalez (31) and Cheyenne Savannah (21), also new mothers.

Jimi Blue captured the festival in several snapshots in his Instagram story. He also posted a hearty photo of Yeliz and Snow Elanie and wrote: “It depends on the little things in life.”

Yeliz Koc and the ox-feds were wrong at Christmas

Jimi Blue posted this photo of ex-girlfriend Yeliz and daughter Snow Elanie on Christmas Eve.

Yeliz is given a gift from the oxenmen

Yeliz, meanwhile, showed her Christmas presents in her story. Natascha gave the 28-year-old a blue crystal snowflake pendant. Cheyenne and his boyfriend Nino also had a snowflake pendant made of white and pink ground glass pearls and a small silver heart charm on which “Snow Elanie” is engraved.

The oxhands are probably not quite as inventive: For the birth of the little ones, Jimi Blue gave Yeliz a golden snowflake pendant with an engraved name and date of birth.

Yeliz Koc and the Ochsenknechts made mistakes at Christmas

 Yeliz Koc and the oxenmen have made up for Christmas

Yeliz Koc and the ox servants have made mistakes at Christmas

Yeliz described ox servants as« manipulative »

In autumn, no one would have expected that Yeliz would spend the festive season with the oxen-boys. So she previously shared it against the family on Instagram and even blamed her for the breakup. “I am not happy when I am left alone in the most difficult phase of my life, which should actually be the most beautiful – and all because of a manipulative family,” said Yeliz at the beginning of September.

She also wrote in her story: «I'm really bad! It just doesn't end. I am provoked, beaten up by the family and taken advantage of. ” She said of Natascha: “Then Mutti interferes again for attention and reach.”

Meanwhile, what happened seems to be yesterday's news. Yeliz and Jimi Blue seem so harmonious on social media that there has been speculation about a love comeback for weeks. When a fan asked her about her relationship status in mid-November, however, Yeliz responded with a quote that translates into German: “It's better to be single than to be taken for granted.”

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