YB will play against ManUtd next week. According to BAG rules, the Bernese are threatened with quarantine when they return, so they need a special permit. However, according to the Bern authorities, the club does not receive this. But maybe there is still a little hope.

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  • Next Wednesday, the Young Boys will face Manchester United in the Champions League.

  • According to the regulation, the Bernese would have to Return to quarantine for ten days.

  • That means: You would need a special permit.

  • According to the cantonal health department, you will not get this.

Europe closes again. Or almost. The European countries are adopting more and more stringent entry regulations. All because of the omicron variant, in which, according to the latest findings, the vaccines are likely to be far less effective. Switzerland also decides on new measures.

For example, the Federal Office of Public Health has decided that all people entering Switzerland from Great Britain must present a negative Covid-19 test and quarantine for ten days. Those entering the UK must take a PCR test two days after arrival and isolate themselves until the results are presented. This was recently announced by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Why is Great Britain mentioned right now? Well – because of the Young Boys. They will fight for a place in the Europa League next Wednesday (December 8th, 9pm). In Manchester in the legendary Old Trafford, the Champions League game will take place against the team around superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Means: If the Bernese do not want to be in quarantine, they need a special permit.

«The requirements of the BAG do not allow this»

On Tuesday evening it is then clear: YB does not receive a special permit. This has been decided by the canton medical service of the canton of Bern. At the request of 20 minutes, Gundekar Giebel, spokesman for the cantonal health department of Bern, announced: “When returning after YB's away game, there is no way to facilitate the quarantine for the players and staff or to free them completely. The requirements of the BAG do not allow this and so it was carried out again today by the BR. ”

The decision was to be expected. The statements of the BAG on the Bundesrat PK already indicated this. The regulation does not provide any specific exceptions for sports or cultural events, said Michael Gerber from the BAG. However, it is possible that the responsible canton doctor can make exceptions for certain occasions. He didn't do that – at least not in the canton of Bern, according to Giebel.

YB does not want to comment on the decision of the cantonal health department of Bern compared to 20 minutes. There would be talks on different fronts. And yes, maybe there is also a little hope. Giebel said again later on Tuesday evening: “Further clarifications are still ongoing.”

Swiss Olympic does not agree

After the Federal Council decision on Tuesday afternoon, Swiss Olympic came forward and announced: “The currently applicable travel restrictions and quarantine regulations are not acceptable for sport.” Swiss Olympic also have great respect for the newly discovered mutation and see the need to protect the population from Omikron, they say. “However, holding international sporting events in Switzerland is at risk, if not impossible, if the travel restrictions and quarantine regulations are upheld. This in turn puts athletes, organizers, associations and clubs (as well as various sectors of the economy) in great distress, ”says Swiss Olympic President Jürg Stahl.

In addition, Stahl said: “As the umbrella organization for Swiss sports, Swiss Olympic is demanding from the Federal Council and the cantons that a solution be found that enables the forthcoming international sporting events and the exemption from the quarantine regulations for top athletes. Swiss Olympic is happy to help develop such a solution. ” (hua)

Will the game take place in a neutral location?

But the game will probably take place in a neutral location. It was similar in the previous season, when Uefa relocated a series of European Cup games to Hungary because less stringent Corona measures were in place there.

That would be bitter – for two reasons. On the one hand, the Bernese would miss the certainly unique atmosphere at Old Trafford. Manchester United would also lose a lot of money. The “Telegraf” writes of a loss of several million francs. The team with new coach Ralf Rangnick would also no longer have a home advantage. In a neutral place, both teams would be abroad.

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