It was seldom quiet around Facebook this year, numerous scandals accompanied the company, which then changed its name. Now he gets the receipt for it.

Facebook lived through a horror year with dozens of scandals and gave itself the new name Meta.

& laquo; Yahoo Finance & raquo; names Meta worst company of the year

Critics accuse the group of only trying to polish up its image.

The receipt was now from the Readers of “Yahoo Finance” who voted Meta the worst company.

That's what

  • Microsoft is the best company of the year.

  • Facebook the worst.

  • Numerous scandals accompanied the social media group this year.

Votes every December the media service “Yahoo Finance” named company of the year, taking into account market performance and successes. This year it is Microsoft that has cracked the two trillion dollar mark in market value.

The media service also chooses the worst company. “Yahoo Finance” asked readers which company had annoyed them the most. The more than 1500 participants annoyed themselves about the trading stop at the trader app Robinhood, about unfinished Tesla cars or the collapse of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

But what annoyed the readers most was Facebook. Eight percent of the votes went to the social media group. This means that Facebook was mentioned 50 percent more often than the penultimate company Alibaba. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg in particular has been criticized.

There are several reasons for the poor performance, numerous scandals accompanied the group this year. Be it the hiccup about the changes to the terms and conditions on Whatsapp or the revelations of a whistleblower about the negative effects of Instagram on the psyche of young people. Some accuse Facebook of censorship, others do not control the platform too far.

Name change after umpteen scandals

Is that why Facebook changed its name to Meta? Officially, the name change was about a new focus on virtual reality in the Metaverse (see box). But critics speak of a PR gag that is supposed to polish up the image of the scandal-ridden group. The company did not want to comment on “Yahoo Finance”.

Facebook became Meta

The Facebook group changed its group name to Meta. The umbrella company with services such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus, Portal or Novi has been called Meta since the end of October 2021. With the new name, Mark Zuckerberg wants to direct the focus to the new virtual environment “Metaverse”, in which he sees the future of digital communication – and also of his company.

After all, the company has not yet had all of its Credit gambled away. 30 percent of the survey participants said that Facebook could correct its image. One respondent said that the company would have to apologize for their behavior and donate a “substantial amount” of the profit to a foundation to repair the damage.

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