The Zurich-based company Headsquarter offers offices that function like hotels. Those who work there can order food and have their clothes washed.

At Headsquarter the office looks like a hotel.

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The company operates two office spaces in Zurich and opens a third workspace in January.

With this company, the office becomes a hotel

Those who rent there can fall back on various service offers.


  • Headquarters rents office space with hotel service.

  • There is a laundry service, personal trainer and a mini-bar for the workplace.

  • < p> The offer is intended to attract people from the home office.

Since the Corona crisis, home office has been part of everyday work for many Swiss people. Nevertheless, many like to return to the office. The desires for the place of work have changed a lot: Hotel-like services are in demand.

This is shown by a survey by the Zurich-based start-up company Headsquarter. The company operates two offices in Zurich and will open a third workspace in January. There the company offers various services like in a hotel.

There is a laundry service and a fitness center on site. A personal trainer can even be hired in the office. Shower and changing room should therefore not be missing. A mini-bar can also be installed at the workplace.

Reception welcomes customers

In so-called chat boxes, employees can withdraw for private phone calls or intimate meetings. As in a hotel, there is also a reception desk at the entrance to the office space. There a receptionist greets the customers for the rented companies.

The aim is to give people an incentive to get out of the home office, explains Anil Varghese, CEO of Headsquarter: “Our offices are an experience that inspires, motivates and makes them more productive overall.” All employees at Headsquarter have a background in the hotel industry.

Co-working spaces are the solution for the future

Designing the office like a hotel hits the nerve of the times, says Nicoline Scheidegger, HR expert and lecturer at the ZHAW: “After all, the home office is not the best solution for everyone, be it because the necessary rest due to children is lacking or because one does Exchange with employees is missing. »

Co-working spaces are generally a future-oriented solution: Employees are provided with a workplace close to their place of residence but outside their own four walls. “They can also provide the breeding ground for innovative ideas because they enable all kinds of encounters,” says Scheidegger.

Hotel service doesn't make you more productive

How useful the additional hotel service is in the office is completely subjective, says HR expert Michel Ganouchi from Recruma: «Some people are furnishings important when working, others only need a table, chair and internet. ” The additional service will hardly make you more productive.

HR expert Matthias Mölleney also doubts that the additional offers really lure people out of the home office: “I think other criteria such as the location of the co-working space are much more decisive.” If the way there is as long as the company office, that doesn't make much sense with hotel service either.

Furniture manufacturer designs club office

The pandemic has changed the world of work. The Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra has also noticed this. He specializes in office concepts and now has to rethink. That is why the company designed the new “Club Office” office concept, as the “Frankfurter Allgemeine” writes. The club office is intended for spontaneous meetings, for exchanging ideas and working together in a team and is furnished accordingly with sofa corners, large communal tables, a bar in the kitchen and stairs. Because those who want to complete a task in a concentrated manner tend to stay at home these days.

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