The Formula 1 season is entering the home straight. But not only the world championship duel between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton stirs up a lot of dust.

At the Italian GP, ​​Verstappen and Hamilton crash – the world championship fight continues to come to a head.

That's what it's all about

  • The car company VW is considering entering into Formula 1.

  • This would be planned for 2026 at the earliest.

  • Mercedes boss Toto Wolff wouldn't mind.

In Saudi Arabia (the race on Sunday from 6:30 p.m. live in our ticker) and in the United Arab Emirates a week later, the world championship decision in Formula 1. Will Max Verstappen crown himself champion for the first time or bring Lewis Hamilton his eighth title?

In addition to the exciting World Cup duel, there is currently a lot of talk about the future. For example, the VW Group is considering entering Formula 1, and the new engine regulations could finally be adopted from 2026.

Mercedes boss welcomes entry

But first things first: VW will meet on December 9th in Wolfsburg and decide in the planning round on the multi-billion dollar financial packages for the next five years. One point here could be involvement in Formula 1. The new engine regulations in the premier class should be decisive for this. From 2026, the hybrid drives are to be filled with 100 percent sustainable fuel, with only 50 percent of the power coming from the combustion engine.

These rules are intended to attract VW and its subsidiaries Porsche and/or Audi. For the VW Group, e-mobility is the highest goal for the next few years, so getting involved in the new “50/50 Formula 1” could be a good platform.

Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff would like to join: “It's great that there are strong manufacturers who are interested in entering the sport. On the other hand, Formula 1 is the Champions League. Nobody can expect to take part in the Champions League for the first time, go straight to the final and go home with the big trophy. »

Cooperation with Red Bull?

Recently there was speculation that the VW group wants to take over the highly indebted McLaren group through Audi. “We do not comment on rumors and water level reports,” said a spokesman. Reports about a possible collaboration with Red Bull don't seem too absurd either, the red-white-red racing team will have to produce their own engines from next season due to the Honda exit.

So it won't just stay in the World Cup exciting. As far as the future is concerned, weeks of decision are waiting for us.

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