Netflix's latest series from South Korea is set on the moon, and influencers are making their acting debut in a shared apartment series – you can re-stream that this week.

The trailer for «The Silent Sea ».

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  • Fancy new series? Here are the streaming tips of the week.

  • Netflix is ​​releasing a sci-fi series from South Korea.

  • Starting on Amazon Prime a shared flat series in which actors and influencers stand together in front of the camera.

“The Silent Sea”

With South Korean series such as “Squid Game” and “Hellbound”, Netflix was able to achieve success with the Sci-Fi series “The Silent Sea” again based on a potential mystery hit from South Korea. Directed by Choi Hang-yong, the series is based on his short film “The Sea of ​​Tranquility”, which was released in 2014.

In the eight episodes it gets pretty bleak, the consequences of climate change are visible: In 2075 the earth dries out more and more and is now like a desert. Green spaces and water are rare.

On the way to the moon

The only hope is an abandoned moon base called Balhae. An experiment was once carried out there, and the samples that are left are supposed to save the planet.

In order to get to this enigmatic material, a group of eleven astronauts and scientists are sent out. The focus is on the leader Han Yoon-jae (Gong Yoo) and the astrobiologist Song Ji-an (Doona Bae).

Eerie find

Landing on the moon is bumpy and after an accident nothing works as planned. The team has to come up with something to make it to the research station.

They become puzzled: What they see here does not match the story that was told to them. The team comes across numerous corpses on the moon.

“The Silent Sea” will be available on Netflix from December 24th.

« Sex room, kitchen, bathroom »

Amazon Prime publishes a young adult original series: “Sex Zimmer, Küche Bad” revolves around a Munich student flat-share.

What is special: The cast consists of actors (Celine Beran, Sascha Quade, Chris Torez and Patrick Mölleken) and influencers (including Luana Knöll, Leon Pelz and Lukas White).

WG casting gets tricky

That's what it's all about: The main tenant Kim (Céline Beran) decided in a spontaneous action to emigrate to Portugal with her friend Nelson (Sandro Weinzierl) – that means: The other members of the flat share have to start a casting between celebrating nights and cleaning plans to find the successor for Kim and Nelson to find.

It turns out, however, that they have different ideas about what makes a good flat-sharing community.
Tim Gondi wrote the script, Lars Parlaska is responsible for directing.

“Sex room, kitchen, bathroom” will be available on Amazon Prime from December 23rd.

The trailer for «Sex room, kitchen, bathroom».

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