The German Chancellor is leaving office and is also showing a very personal side. Now a photo has appeared in an article by “Illustrierte Bunte” that has absolute meme potential.

The «Illustrierte Bunte» published a photo of a private Angela Merkel a few days ago. The photo has already been picked up by various social media users.

That's what

  • is aboutThe German Chancellor is about to hand over her office.

  • In the past few months, Angela Merkel has said goodbye to her political partners and has shown herself personally.

  • A few days ago, “Bunte” posted a photo on its Instagram channel that shows the Chancellor of Germany in a completely different way.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is still in office, has « Colorful » After 16 years in power, finally time for hobbies, travel and time to relax. She has also spent the last few weeks and months in office saying goodbye to key political actors with whom she has collaborated.

One moment she shared with French President Emmanuel Macron stuck. At this awkward yet touching meeting, the youth word “Cringe” may have come to mind for some people in 2021.

The new Angela Merkel as a style icon?

A few days ago the “Bunte” published a story about Angela Merkel and her plans for her retirement. A photo of her and her husband Joachim Sauer was made public, showing the Chancellor, who is still Chancellor, in a relaxed and relaxed manner. She made it public early on that she likes to travel and spend time in nature. Now, however, we are also seeing them from a completely different perspective. With trendy sneakers, an oversized shirt and pulled up tennis socks, she has already achieved meme status on social media.

Bernie Sanders' meme went through social media in early 2021

In January 2021, for the inauguration of the now incumbent President of the USA, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders was sitting warmly wrapped up on a folding chair. Before long, various memes popped up on social media. Even Ikea did not miss it and got involved.

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 Will Angela Merkel become a fashion queen?

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