The last monthly best crushing newcomer of the year competes in the last Mario Kart duel of the year – and answers the really important questions.

High risk, high reward: who wins , receives an ice cream from the other person.

Best Crushing Newcomer November/December 2021

  • Name: Sam Himself (however, Samuel Koechlin is on his fake student ID)

  • From: Basel/Brooklyn

  • Age: 21 ( he says – but we're more likely to guess 17 and have therefore locked the liquor cabinet as a precaution)

  • Power: melancholy post-punk to howl and swarm

  • Get it on: Instagram/Youtube/Spotify

“Mario Kart” is the truth serum for anyone who is afraid of syringes; because if you have to dodge cannonballs a meter above seething lava, you don't have time to ponder long interview answers. Sam Himself, Best Crushing Newcomer in November and December, stays cool and his voice is deeper than the euro rate.

Nonetheless, the indie rock bumblebee, who commutes between Basel and New York, was able to elicit something personal. About his cigarette and alcohol consumption. About the relationship with his mommy. And about social media or the fact that at the time of the Mario Kart Deathrace interview he had just 43 followers on Tiktok – less than one fan per uploaded clip.

How much this affects him, he reveals in the video above. And just for the sake of fairness: he now has 46 Tiktok followers – the sky is heaven, Sam !

What is the best crushing newcomer?

20 minutes x Swiss Music Awards

20 Minuten has taken over the category Best Breaking Act of the Swiss Music Awards (SMA) and developed it into Best Crushing Newcomer (BCN). Every year, together with the SMA and the GfK (collect the charts), we declare seven to eight Swiss up-and-coming acts to be our BCN and hype them on all 20-minute channels for a month. And one of them will finally win the SMA in the Best Crushing Newcomer category at the beginning of next year.

Here you can find the regulations with all the details.

And here are all the Best Crushing Newcomers of 2021 .

May we introduce you? Sam Himself!

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