We presented you with seven nice Swiss music discoveries in 2021 – now they need your voice to get the chance for an SMA.

All of our monthly BCNs have one in the studio of 20 Minuten Radio Guilty Pleasure Song covered – Steiner & amp; Madlaina decided on Camila Cabello's world hit “Havana”.

That's what it's about

  • Well, about the two (plus one) acts, the 20 minutes for the Swiss Music Award in the Best Crushing category Newcomers should nominate.

  • Below we present the seven acts again.

  • And here you go straight to the voting .

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Since this year 20 Minuten has presented its own Swiss Music Award (SMA), the Best Crushing Newcomer (BCN). As part of this commitment, we hyped seven Swiss acts that meet the BCN criteria according to the SMA regulations and now you decide which two we will nominate for the BCN-SMA .

Give your vote by December 31st and the two acts with the most votes are nominated. In addition, we are nominating a third act that meets the BCN criteria and has sold the most in 2021 (you can find out everything about the BCN regulations from page 9 of the SMA regulations) – this can, but does not have to be, one of the seven names that we celebrated during the year.

You can vote here!

Absolutely everything about the seven newcomers you can find there in our BCN hub .

And here is a quick overview of them – you may be busy and don't have all day to give you all the stories and videos, right.

Steiner & amp; Madlaina

The Zurich women almost made it to the top of the charts with their battered German pop second album “Wünsch mir Glück”.

Nora Steiner (right) and Madlaina Pollina (not right) introduce themselves.

Give them your vote!


At his first gig in front of 2,000 people, the Zurich dialect's laptop, which was pumped full of 80s disco, slammed onto the floor – since then he has been securing it with gaffa.

Allow me? Severin Häne aka Zid.

Give him your vote!

Rita Roof

The Zurich background voice for hits like “Jung damn” has found her “Stimm i mir” (the debut album) and is making her dialect pop reggae.

This is how Rita Roof (civil: Rita Nicole Tejada) ticks.

Give her your vote!

Andrea Bignasca

When he's not reading Harry Potter for the 20th time, the Ticinese writes wonderfully bluesy folk rock hymns with the sandpaper voice.

The grating voice from Lugano.

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The R'n'B hugging trapper from Geneva swears by car tune. And people swear by him. At least he calls himself «l’enfant du peuple» – «son of the people».

This is Cassim Sall aka Slimka.

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We Are Ava

The electropop trio from eastern Switzerland was previously called Ava, but if you googled «Ava Band» you landed at a startup that makes fertility tracking bracelets for women.

The electro pop band from eastern Switzerland consists of drummer Andy, Singer Kim and synth man Nicola (from left).

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Sam Himself

The Basel melancho grumbler actually lives in New York, but was stranded in the beginning of the pandemic of his old homeland – and rediscovered his love for Switzerland.

You know him as Sam Himself, at the Basel residents' office he is known as Samuel Koechlin.

Give him yours Vote!

What is the best crushing newcomer?

20 minutes x Swiss Music Awards

20 Minuten has taken over the category Best Breaking Act of the Swiss Music Awards (SMA) and developed it into Best Crushing Newcomer (BCN). Every year, together with the SMA and the GfK (collect the charts), we declare seven to eight Swiss up-and-coming acts to be our BCN and hyped them for a month on all 20-minute channels. And one of them will finally win the SMA in the Best Crushing Newcomer category at the beginning of next year.

Here you can find the regulations with all the details.

And here are all the Best Crushing Newcomers of 2021 .

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