In the Whatsapp chat app, so-called communities can soon be set up, according to an insider blog. What exactly these are used for, however, is still unclear.

A new function that will be available on Whatsapp in the future is called Community.

 Whatsapp is planning a new, mysterious function

This is how it looks Function in the beta version of the app.

Whatsapp is planning a new, mysterious function

In it, different groups should be able to be networked with one another.

That's what it's about

  • Whatsapp will soon have a new function.

  • This is called Community.

  • What the function should be used for is still unclear.

  • It is only known that it is intended to connect users and groups in a new way.

The Whatsapp messenger service is regularly improved and receives updates regarding performance or certain new features. The insider blog reports on a new function that will soon be introduced on Whatsapp. It is called “Community”. But so far this revelation raises more questions than it answers.

Because besides the name, not much is known about the new Whatsapp feature. According to the Whatsapp professionals at Wabetainfo, the new function will make it possible to add several groups to a specific community in the future. This could make it possible for the administrators of such communities to send messages to several group chats at the same time.

New group

Some Whatsapp users can already see the community function in the beta version of the app. As the Whatsapp Insider Blog reports, a new group called “Announcements” is automatically created in the beta version when a community is created. What this group is used for and who has access to everything is still unclear.

It could be possible, for example, that this is a group in which only the owner can send messages, while the other members can only read them. It is also unclear when the community function will be rolled out for all Whatsapp users. It should, however, be available to both Android and iPhone owners.


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