Anyone who has ever been annoyed about the fact that voice messages are sent on Whatsapp directly after the recording, can be pleased. These messages can now be listened to again after they have been recorded before they are sent.

Instead of text messages, you can also send voice messages on Whatsapp.

 Whatsapp introduces a practical new function for voice messages

You can now listen to them again after the recording.

Whatsapp leads a practical new function for voice messages

This works as described here.

That's what

  • Whatsapp has introduced a new function.

  • This concerns the recording of voice messages.

  • Voice messages can now be listened to again before they are sent.

  • In the future there will be more new features for voice messages.

Either you love them or you want the devil: the voice messages that can be sent via WhatsApp. For many, they are a practical alternative to sending text messages when you're on the move or only have one hand available. Others, on the other hand, get annoyed about miserably long voice messages, of which one has long since forgotten the beginning when one has reached the end.

Like them or not, Whatsapp has introduced a handy new feature for voice messaging. Until now, such a message could only either be deleted or sent directly after it was recorded. But it is now possible to listen to voice messages again before sending them and then decide whether to send or delete them. Whatsapp announced this on its Twitter channel.

This is how it works

To be able to listen to the recorded message, swipe up from the microphone button while recording to activate the hands-free recording of the message. When you have finished speaking, you can press the stop button. Instead of sending the message straight away, you can now listen to it again.

It is the second change that Whatsapp has made to its voice messages this year. A few months ago, the company made it possible to play voice messages at different speeds. In the future, according to the insider blog, it should also be possible to pause the recording of voice messages and then continue again.


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