Various hashtags are already trending on social media around the day of the scary. On Tiktok you can find some sources of inspiration for the costume or the right make-up. Spooky filters and ideas for pets are also increasing.

The new hype surrounding the “Squid Game” series could be a great source of inspiration for this year's costume.

What will be your #halloweencostume 2021?

The hashtag #halloweencostume was used by 723 million users on Tiktok last year.

What will be your #halloweencostume 2021?

Various spooky filters on social media invite users to shudder.

That's what

  • is aboutOn October 31, it's that time again and Halloween will be celebrated.

  • About $ 100 per person is spent on the Halloween costume every year.

  • Inspiration comes from social media and this year another Netflix series.

Halloween is just around the corner again. Just one more week and the scariest day of the year will be celebrated. When looking for the perfect outfit, most people search for their costume ideas on Google, according to a Facebook study. Approximately $ 100 per person is spent annually on Halloween costumes.

As in previous years, millions of users share their costume ideas on social media and get their creative ideas there. A bright red jumpsuit with a Salvador Dali mask was the most popular costume last year. The inspiration came from the successful Netflix series “House of Money”. Millions of viewers were fascinated by the TV show and absolutely wanted to dress like Tokyo, Denver, Nairobi or Helsinki.

The Spanish series also achieved global success this year thanks to the release of the fifth season this fall. But the South Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” has now broken all records and could enjoy great popularity this year when it comes to choosing Halloween costumes. Some even recommend reusing the costume from last year, because as with “House of Money”, characters in “Squid Game” wear red overalls.

 What will be your #halloweencostume 2021?

The Netflix series “Squid Game” has now reached a value of 900 million US dollars.

 What will be your #halloweencostume 2021?

The “House of Money” costumes were very popular last year.

Inspo for pets is also eagerly shared

Over 20 billion #Halloween hashtags were used on Tiktok last year. The hashtag #Halloweencostume was also used by a total of 723 million users. Social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok have also added some Halloween filters to their apps.

But the Halloween costumes are not only bought for people, but also for their own pets. A study shows how every fifth pet is dressed up by its owner. American catfluencer Amber Maureen Lu has also been posting pictures of her cats Lola and Harley with their Halloween outfits since the beginning of October. The cats are wrapped in different costumes by their cat mom and the Squid Games costumes should not be missing from her either.

What will be your #halloweencostume 2021?

American influencer Amber Maureen Lu's cats are also wearing a “Squid Game” costume.

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What will Your #halloweencostume 2021?

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