In August Tiktok launched a new campaign in Germany to draw attention to art, culture and diversity. Now the campaign goes into the next round and above all motivates the queer cultural institutions to get involved.

CSD Deutschland eV is active on Tiktok with the channel @divein_movement and does humorous educational work there.

That's what

  • Tiktok has been providing money for various cultural institutions since summer 2021.

  • The campaign is now being continued with the hashtag challenge #CreatorsForDiversity.

  • LGBTQ + institutions in particular were able to gain a large number of followers in the diverse Tiktok community.

As 20 Minuten reported, Tiktok made five million euros available for various cultural institutions in Germany in August of this year. The money is put into support and advice for editorial content and the establishment of the Tiktok presence of the institutions. According to Tobias Henning , General Manager at Tiktok Germany, serves diversity as the “engine for new ideas”.

If creators share creative content in connection with the participating institutions with the mostly young Tiktok community, this could lead to an increased engagement with art and culture. In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, this activation should also serve to support cultural institutions that have been hard hit financially.

Humorous education on Tiktok

The creators of the queer communities deal with open questions and clichés with humor and dispel prejudices. In the following Tiktok video, the creators of CSD Deutschland e.V., the LGBTQ + network for all Christopher Street Days in Germany, turn the tables and ask themselves: «What, are you straight? Awesome!”. The video went viral and reached 308,000 views.

The creative content of the creators also serves to clarify certain terms relating to the topic of LGBTQ + and thus anti-discrimination.

Gender issues in the Bavarian State Opera

Some cultural institutions use the opportunity to let the Tiktok community take a look behind the scenes. As part of the #CreatorsForDiversity campaign, the Bavarian State Opera not only shows impressions from the life of a ballerina or the processes of an opera production, but also lets the young talent and countertenor or, as he says of himself, sopranos, Bruno de Sà talk about gender roles in opera/p> Brought to you by

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 & laquo; What, you're straight? Awesome! & raquo; Tiktok celebrates LGBTQ + culture

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