Comedian Mirco Nontschew died surprisingly at the age of 52. Michael Wendler is now shamelessly exploiting death to spread corona conspiracy theories.

Pop singer Michael Wendler was banned from Instagram in February for spreading conspiracy theories. The 49-year-old is now posting this on Telegram instead.

Wendler posts conspiracy theories about the deceased Mirco Nontschew

There he now put the as yet unexplained death of the comedian Mirco Nontschew in connection with the corona vaccination.

Wendler posts conspiracy theories deceased Mirco Nontschew

Oliver Pocher, here together with Wendler on the TV show” Pocher vs. Wendler “, criticizes the pop singer on Instagram and describes his behavior as” sick, disgusting and disrespectful ” .


  • Pop singer Michael Wendler (49) has repeatedly made negative headlines in recent months with the spread of corona conspiracy theories.

  • In February, his Instagram profile was blocked because of this.

  • Now he is even taking advantage of the death of comedian Mirco Nontschew to spread conspiracy theories on Telegram.

  • The «world» takes a position on the wrong headlines.

  • Criticized on Instagram Oliver Pocher (43) the “no matter” interpreter now sharp.

Michael Wendler causes outrage with his conspiracy theories – and doesn't even stop at the death of a colleague. For example, the 49-year-old distributed a manipulated “Welt” article on Telegram about the recently deceased Mirco Nontschew. However, the headline was edited to make it appear that the comedian died from a booster vaccination.

Instead of “Mourning for Mirco Nontschew” as in the original published by “Welt”, the presumably falsified title is: “After booster vaccination”. The Telegram group claims that the headline was subsequently adjusted by the editorial staff. When asked for 20 minutes, the “Welt” editorial team made it clear: “The headline shared by Michael Wendler is clearly a crude forgery.” The Wayback Machine's online archive also shows that “Mourning Mirco Nontschew” is the original title.

It is unclear whether Wendler himself falsified the headline or merely shared an image that had already been manipulated. In another Telegram post, however, he clearly suggests that a vaccination could be the cause of Nontschew's death.

Oliver Pocher finds Wendler «sick and disrespectful»

Oliver Pocher (43) has now got wind of the matter and criticizes the pop singer in his Instagram story. «Wendler, finally stop acting out your conspiracy mania on the backs of the deceased! It's just sick, disgusting and disrespectful, ”says the comedian. He also writes: “The king of the full posts is still trying to knit a corona lie from the death of Mirco Nontschew …”

 Wendler posts conspiracy theories about the deceased Mirco Nontschew

Oliver Pocher uncovered fake articles on Instagram about the death of Mirco Nontschew, which Michael Wendler had distributed on Telegram.

Wendler posts conspiracy theories about the deceased Mirco Nontschew

This is how the pop singer uses the comedian's death to spread conspiracy theories about Corona.

Wendler posts conspiracy theories about deceased Mirco Nontschew

Left: Fake a headline of” Welt “and claim that the editors have changed it again. Right: The original.

Mirco Nontschew died surprisingly on Friday afternoon at the age of only 52. The cause of death is still being investigated. However, there is currently no evidence of third-party negligence or suicide.

The program “RTL Saturday Night” made Nontschew a legend. Just recently he also shot a new season of the program “LOL – Last one laughing”, which is to be broadcast in the spring. He played in this format alongside Hazel Brugger (27) and Michelle Hunziker (44).

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