Pregnant man and gender-neutral person with a crown – these new emojis are intended to provide more diversity when sending text messages.

Soon emojis will be available that show a male-looking, pregnant person.

We can send these 37 new emojis soon

There is also more diversity in the hands.

These 37 new emojis can & ouml; We can send it soon

This is also the case with the prince and princess emoji – a gender-neutral person with a crown will now be available.

That’s what it’s about

  • Soon 37 new emojis are coming to our phones.

  • These include a pregnant man and a gender-neutral person with a crown.

  • There are also seven new smiley emojis.

  • When exactly the emojis will be published is still unclear.

Emojis have become an integral part of our text messages. Often it is these little pictures that help us to decipher whether a message is meant as a joke or serious, flirtatious or angry. In order to cover as many different topics as possible, the catalog of emojis is constantly being expanded – this year too. Soon, 37 new emojis will be available on iPhones and Android phones with the new Unicode 14.0.0.

As the Unicode Consortium, which is responsible for the introduction of new emojis, has announced, the new emojis are all about equality and diversity. For example, there will now be 15 different combinations of hands with different skin tones that shake hands with each other. In addition, hands in various skin tones will be available that form a heart shape, point with the index finger or offer the open hand.

Pregnant man with a crown

There are also seven new emojis in smiley style. These include a melting face, two scared emojis, a saluting head, a dissolving head, a face with a doubtful expression, and a face watering with joy.

These 37 new emojis can & ouml; We can send it soon

In addition to person and smiley emojis, there is also a whole series of images. These include, for example, the coral emoji, which, according to its creators, is intended to highlight climate change and its impact on the world's oceans. There is also a new crutch emoji, a glass that is emptied, a lifebuoy, an X-ray and a mouth that bites your lower lip.

You can use all 37 new emojis in the Look at the photo series. You can also test your knowledge of the most popular emojis in 2021 here:


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