The fourth and last season of the SRF series «Wilder» starts today. In the interview, Sarah Spale is satisfied with the end and talks about the tough shooting conditions.

In an interview with 20 Minuten, Sarah Spale (41) is sad – but also happy – about the end of her role as Rosa Wilder.

& laquo; We turned at minus 15 degrees & raquo;

The fourth season of «Wilder» is also the last. Rosa Wilder, played by Sarah Spale (41), is looking for clues again.

 & laquo; We turned at minus 15 degrees & raquo;

A private stroke of fate leads you to the fictional village of Oberwies in the Bern region. But suddenly she is supposed to shed light on a murder case.

That's what it's about

  • The fourth season of «Wilder» is also the last.

  • After two seasons in and around the Jura, Commissioner Rosa Wilder, played by Sarah Spale (41), is returning to the origins of the series – to Oberwies, a small fictional village in the Bern region.

  • “I would say that it is a very emotional season,” said Spale in an interview with 20 minutes.

  • “Wilder” is always on SRF 1 on Tuesdays at 8:05 p.m. see or on Play Suisse.

Sarah Spale, w as d You can start from the fourth and final season of < strong> « Wilder » expect ?

Rosa Wilder is back in Oberwies – so at home. There she has to struggle with a private stroke of fate. But murder and manslaughter return, which is why she is drawn into an investigation, although she does not want to. Family feuds, tension and adventure run through the whole season – «Wilder» as you know it.

In the final season you have i n Regard a u f Brutality particularly upheld?

Even if the last episode in particular seems tough, I would say it's a very emotional season. There have been more murders in the past – we've held back a little this season. Still, I'm sure it gets down to business.

How satisfied are you with the end of your role as Rosa?

The open end and the I think it's great for Rosa to finally break away from Oberwies. I wish her that she can rediscover her life.

Can you « Wilder » time describe in four words ?

Spontaneously I would say: marathon, snow and cold, great crew and great experience – there are no four words, but descriptions that fit perfectly.

What were the most difficult moments for you?

The cold made everything difficult. Sometimes we shot at minus 15 degrees – and playing an emotional Rosa Wilder with frozen cheeks was not that easy. But moments like this make you proud that you have mastered everything so well.

How difficult did you find saying goodbye to Set?

After four months of intense shooting, I was pretty k. o., that is a real show of strength. I think every person on set was primarily happy that we made it – and that we got through healthy during this time. The sadness also resonates, that is clear.

How did you celebrate the end of the shoot and the great success of the series?

We toasted it on a small scale – we're still waiting for the opportunity to catch up on it as a party.

The six episodes of the fourth season will be available on Play Suisse from January 4th. And until February 8th every Tuesday at 8:05 p.m. on SRF 1.

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 & laquo; We turned at minus 15 degrees & raquo;

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