The search engine giant has analyzed our search behavior. The result was umpteen best-of lists of what the Swiss were looking for in 2021.

These series were the most popular with Google users in Switzerland.

That's why go

  • Google has published the most popular search terms in 2021.

  • The European Championship in 2021 made it to first place.

  • The pandemic also had an impact on search terms in 2021.

  • An extraordinarily large number of people searched for recipe ideas.

“Coronavirus Switzerland” – this term was most frequently searched for on Google in 2020. The pandemic also dominated the headlines in 2021. However, the annual review of the internet giant Google shows that other terms were also frequently typed into the search field in this country.

The various best-of lists contain terms that have had the highest search volume compared to the previous year. The search for football, individual players and new recipe ideas was particularly frequent this year. The lists in detail:

Search terms of the year 2021 in Switzerland

1. Euro 2021
2. Corona Switzerland
3. Champions League
4. Roland Garros
5. SRF prediction game
6. “Squid Game”
7. iPhone 13
8. Series A
9. Wimbledon
10. Christian Eriksen

The film highlights of 2021

1. «Fast & amp; Furious 9 »
2. «Black Widow»
3. “James Bond No Time to Die”
4. «Red Notice»
5. “Army of Thieves”
6. «Eternals»
7. “Army of the Dead”
8. «Nomadland»
9. «Seaspiracy»
10. “The Suicide Squad”

Headlines and exciters

1. Christian Eriksen
2. Switzerland France
3. Covid certificate
4. Whatsapp fault
5. Suez Canal
6. Astrazeneca
7. Granite Xhaka
8. Floods in Switzerland
9. Éric Zemmour
10. Kariem Hussein

Personalities Switzerland 2021

1. Yann Sommer
2. Xherdan Shaqiri
3. Belinda Bencic
4. Haris Seferovic
5. Granite Xhaka
6. Murat Yakin
7. Vladimir Petkovic
8. Breel Embolo
9. Mario Gavranovic
10. Ruben Vargas

International personalities 2021

1. Christian Eriksen
2. Alec Baldwin
3. Kylian Mbappé
4. Novak Djokovic
5. Rafael Nadal
6. Joe Biden
7. Bernie Sanders
8. Thomas Gottschalk
9. Giorgio Chiellini
10. Gianluigi Donnarumma

The most popular how-questions 2021

1. How long is a PCR test valid?
2. How many cantons does Switzerland have?
3. How long does Corona last? 4. How many inhabitants does Switzerland have?
5. How long is an antigen test valid?
6. How old is Ronaldo? 7. How many Swiss are vaccinated?
8. How much does a corona test cost?
9. How many people are there in the world?
10. How many weeks is there in a year?

The most popular what questions 2021

1. What am I cooking today?
2. What to do if you have a cystitis? 3. What does Hollywood mean?
4. What is Pentecost?
5. What is a Mellotron?
6. What is a Covid Certificate?
7. What is pansexual? 8. What does a PCR test cost?
9. What is happening in Afghanistan?
10. What is sour cream?

We wanted to do that ourselves in 2021

1. Make ice cream yourself
2. Make ravioli yourself
3. Make french fries yourself
4. Make iced tea yourself
5. Make pasta yourself
6. Make sauerkraut yourself
7. Make elderflower syrup yourself
8. Make bubble tea yourself
9. Make cake batter yourself
10. Make gnocchi yourself

The most popular games:

1. «Fifa 22»
2. «Among us»
3. «Battlefield 2042»
4. «Forza Horizon 5»
5. «Gartic Phone»
6. «Far Cry 6»
7. «Geoguessr»


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