Despite the virulent situation: Samichlaus und Schmutzli is walking through the streets again this year. However, only those who strictly adhere to the protective measures will receive visitors.

Santa Claus is moving through the towns and villages again. Due to Corona, however, special protection concepts will be adhered to this year.

 & laquo; We don't want to become a super-spreading event & raquo;

The Lozärner Samichlausgesellschaft is aware of its responsibility and therefore goes one step further: “We change our black rubber gloves after every visit.”

& laquo; We don't want to become a superspreader- Occasion will be & raquo;

The certificate is also checked. “We visit those who have only been tested in the garden,” says Kurt Käppeli, President of the Lozärner Samichlausgesellschaft.

This is what it is about

  • The Lozärner Samichlausgesellschaft checks this before each visit Certificate of the families.

  • At Hofsamichlaus, the certificate control is waived and the Chlaus visits are only carried out outside.

  • In the canton of Schwyz, families rely on their own responsibility. All santa lice and helpers have a valid certificate. But they don't want to ask families to do this.

The Samichlaus and the Schmutzlis move through the villages and towns. But the chlice do not visit everyone: not necessarily because the children were naughty, but when the protective measures do not allow it. The canton of Lucerne, for example, stipulates that indoor visits may only be based on the 3G principle.

The donkey and Santa Claus are coming again

The Lozärner Santa Clause Society is again increasingly on the road this year with donkeys and dirty lice: “Both our Santa lice and the families have to wear a mask during the visit. We also have to inspect each other's certificate. However, we only visit those who only have a test in the garden, ”says Kurt Käppeli, President of the Lozärner Samichlausgesellschaft. He and his Santa Claus are aware of their responsibility and therefore go one step further: “We change our black rubber gloves after every visit. We also disinfect our costumes. But so that we can still spread the magic of Advent, a fragrance spray follows. ”

Hofsamichlaus in Lucerne, on the other hand, does not even venture into the warm: “House visits only take place outdoors,” says Philipp Zeier from the Hofsamichlaus association. “We don't want to punish the children if the parents don't have a certificate.” When visiting outdoors, it is also easier to keep enough distance. In addition, Santa Claus does not shake hands with the children this year. To this end, the Santa Claus and their helpers must adhere to additional regulations: “The Santa Claus and all his helpers over 16 years of age have been vaccinated, tested or recovered,” says Zeier. Each Santa Claus also has his own costume. And: «In the changing room of Santa Claus and his helpers there is a strict mask requirement.»

Personal responsibility instead of certificate control

The St. Martin Schwyz Chlausengesellschaft is again offering family visits. In addition to the well-known measures such as wearing a protective mask, however, the responsibility there is on the individual families. President Paul Schmidig says: “All of our Santa Lice have a valid certificate. However, we don't want to go that far and ask families to do the same. ” Because, according to Schmidig, it is not justifiable that the children have to forego a visit to Santa Claus just because their parents do not have a valid certificate. For Schmidig, the solution lies in between: “When we register in advance, we tell the families very clearly what they have to do if we are supposed to come by. Among other things, we recommend holding the meeting outside or with the window open. If they can't keep our conditions, we won't go either. ”

According to Schmidig, the families' personal responsibility has proven itself: “Some families have already canceled us at short notice due to illness, which is perfectly right.” Finally, one is aware of the risk. «Of course we don't want to become a super-spreader event. A cultural tradition should also not be a justification for circumventing official measures, ”said the President. The aim is to enable the children to visit Santa Claus in these difficult times and to make them happy.

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