A grocery store in Buchs SG was attacked by a stranger. He escaped with a large amount of cash. The owner is glad that nothing worse happened.

The shop« sLädeli Räfis »in Buchs SG was robbed early on Monday morning.

& laquo; We have it almost expected & raquo;

« Shortly after opening, a hooded man came into the shop and wanted to buy a Red Bull and cigarettes, »says shop owner Salvatore De Giorgio.

& laquo; We almost expected it & raquo;

When the saleswoman was about to collect the money, the man threatened her with a knife.

That's what it's all about

  • A village shop was robbed on Monday morning in Buchs SG.

  • The unknown man fled with cash.

  • For the shopkeeper, the robbery is not unexpected.

  • He is glad that nothing worse happened.

Early on Monday morning there was a robbery in the village shop “sLädeli Räfis” in Buchs SG. “Shortly after it was opened, a hooded man came into the shop and wanted to buy a Red Bull and cigarettes,” says shop owner Salvatore De Giorgio. When the saleswoman was about to collect and opened the cash register, the man came to the other side of the counter and threatened the woman with a knife. “He took all the notes from the till and fled. It was a shock for the saleswoman, »says De Giorgio. A total of 820 francs was stolen.

The woman has already digested the shock. “She has a very strong character,” said De Giorgio. But the attack was looming. “Several shops in the area have already been robbed. We almost expected it, ”he says. That's why he told his employees that they should immediately leave the money defenseless. “I'm just glad that no one was injured and nothing worse happened,” says De Giorgio.

Red Bull abandoned

It didn't bother him himself. “I'm 58 now and have been in the industry for a long time. You have already seen a lot there, ”he says. Nevertheless, it was the first time that his shop was attacked. But one thing is clear to him: “That was not a professional. He wasn't even wearing gloves and he left the Red Bull can lying around. ” Immediately after the robbery, the police arrived and began the course of events. “We also have video surveillance that recorded the attack,” he says. How it looks with the money, he still has to clarify with the insurance company.

The culprit is still fleeting

The St. Gallen canton police confirm the attack on request. «The St. Gallen canton police immediately initiated a manhunt. Service dogs were also used ”, it says in a message. At the moment the man is still fleeting. At the time of the crime, the perpetrator was wearing gray training pants, gray/white Nike shoes and a black top with a black cap and black face mask.

The St. Gallen canton police are looking for witnesses. People who were able to observe the perpetrator on the run from the grocery store are asked to report to the Mels police base at 058 229 78 00.

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& laquo; We almost expected it & raquo ;

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