Vision zero: “gain monumental”

Vision zéro: «un gain monumental»

THREE-RIVERS — Abandon the idea of lowering the speed limit to 40 km/h? Leave aside the label of ‘Vision zero’ to only focus on the development of a plan of action in road safety that there would be consensus in the population? Wait for the findings of the study on road safety commissioned by the City of Trois-Rivières? Regardless of the proposals made so far by the three candidates for mayor of Trois-Rivières, the town councillor, Mariannick Mercure, instigator of the introduction of Vision zero, is satisfied, because the speech in terms of road safety changes.

“This is the proposal of one or the other, it comes to change the ways of doing. We put forward the road safety prior to the fluidity. This is a major change of discourse and for me, this is already a gain monumental,” says Ms. Mercury, who, in partnership with his colleague city councillor Claude Ferron, have been those who have brought the first idea of the philosophy of Vision zero, last fall.

Ms. Mercury said that there was, in relation to road safety, two approaches. The first, more traditional, concerns the repression and the police presence. The second, more systemic, takes rather into consideration the design of public roads, the concept of speed limits at the same time as the police presence and deterrent measures.

“The candidates have all passed visions with which I am comfortable,” said dr. Mercury. For example, in respect of the will of Jean Lamarche, wait for the purpose of the studies commissioned by the City, Ms. Mercury reminds us that in terms of engineering, it was already the intention of the city council to do so. “Once the engineering study has been made, we will be able to quantify the actions that will be to ask. In connection with our ability to pay, we will be then in a position to decide what will be prioritized. In the meantime, the City can also go to an interim plan of action, with measures that do not necessarily affect the engineering, but that can already be put in place,” said dr. Mercury, making particular reference to access to safe schools, for example.

It says it is also open to consider proposals from Eric Lord, to abandon the label ‘Vision zero’, or Jean-François Aubin, who to ask to drop the measurement of the 40 km/h who does not obtain social acceptability.

“Changing the name of the philosophy to adapt to certain measures that we appear to be working for us, I have nothing against go to it. Same thing for the speed limit and we already did know. Everyone has the right to say it, and the person who will be elected, if it brings such ideas, I don’t see where it could cause a problem,” she says.

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