Vision zero, a name that is “burned”, according to Eric Lord

Vision zéro, un nom «brûlé», selon Éric Lord

THREE-RIVERS — Because of the division that continues to reign in the population about Vision zero, the candidate for mayor of Trois-Rivières Eric Lord is of the opinion that there is a need to establish an action plan to improve road safety, but question the relevance of continuing this exercise in light of the philosophy of Vision zero. According to the applicant, the label “Vision zero” itself is now “burned” and should leave its place to a security plan, gatherer, prepared in consultation with the citizens.

“Unfortunately, and for good or bad reasons, this name, this concept is burned, and people are polarized on this name. When one removes the name and that we are only concerned with security, everyone has some interesting proposals. It is then easy to obtain the consensus,” says Mr. Lord.

This last is also of the view that elected officials have a responsibility to act in a context of social tensions as it said in observe to the topic of Vision zero. “As an elected official, it fat be responsible and look at what is happening in our community. To maintain this climate of social tension, I say no! It is necessary to find measures to mitigate it”, he adds.

Eric Lord proposes instead the development of an action plan that will follow an analysis by experts to identify the most problematic sectors in the territory. It also proposes to hold a second round of public consultations so that citizens can enhance this thinking about where that could be problematic.

“The question of’ Vision zero ‘ is a frame of reference. We can very well take measures in this framework, without adopting it for all practical purposes, it is of the opinion, meaning that the measure of lowering the speed limit to 40 km/h should be a measure targeted at some sectors that are more problematic, but should not apply to the whole of the City.

For Eric Lord, it is therefore essential to proceed to a detailed analysis by experts to identify problem areas and propose concrete measures to minimize the risks of accident and the loss of human lives. In addition, the applicant is of the view that this analysis should identify the sensitive areas such as schools, parks, seniors ‘ residences, for which a more special is required.

“Since the beginning of my political approach, I announced that the issue of security would be part of my concerns and I also announced that I would do it in a pragmatic way. For my part, what seems essential today, is to develop a safety plan that we like and that we assemble, and who complies with the
ability to pay of the citizens,” he says.

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