Videotron withdraws Super Ecran by decrying an “anti-competitive” gesture from Bell

Videotron stated that it was withdrawing the on-demand offer offered until recently with the Super Screen channel, owned by Bell Media, because of “another anti-competitive move by Bell”.
P read early Tuesday, Bell Media announced the growth of its streaming service continuously Crave to include many French programming hours without extra charge.

The Quebecor subsidiary said it believed that Bell “is once again using its dominant position on the market in order to disadvantage its main competitor, to the detriment of consumers”.

Videotron is also withdrawing access to its SuperScreen Go application from Videotron customers who subscribe to the channel with the same name, it was announced in a press release.

TVA Sports signal blocked

Last April, Quebecor contravened a CRTC decision by blocking TVA Sports’ signal to Bell TV subscribers when the National Hockey League playoffs opened.

The company was clamoring for better Bell fees for its specialty channels.

As of Tuesday’s announcement, Bell Media’s Crave platform is growing in the Canadian French-language market with a range of films and TV shows.

The country’s largest streaming television platform announces that it will officially become a bilingual service on January 28, when the original series of Crave Forever, plus one day with Catherine Brunet and Pier-Luc Funk, is launched .

Bell estimates that 5,000 hours of French programming will be offered at no additional cost to all current Crave subscribers. The selection will include 250 French-language television series, including more than 160 original Quebec productions.

Viewers will also have the option of upgrading to Crave’s new SuperScreen level of service, which still offers 1,000 hours of Hollywood movies and HBO series dubbed or subtitled in French, for an additional $ 9.99 per month.

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