At a moped meeting in Rothenburg, violent arguments broke out between security and young people. The organizer distances himself from the security company, which he says is unprofessional.

The video currently circulating on Tiktok shows an overwhelmed security guard ramming a young person off a moped.

It's about:

  • At the Töffli and Solex Meet in the Ace Cafe Luzern, a youth was rammed by the security from the moped.

  • The organizer distances himself from the unprofessional actions of the external security company.

  • Security rejects the blame.

A teenager drives down the street on a moped. Then he is pushed off the motorbike at full speed by a security man with a fluorescent vest, and the youth flies down the embankment. Before that, you can hear in the video how the apparently stressed security yells at the moped boys, verbally derails them and threatens to throw a stick between the spokes. The pictures come from a Tiktok video and were taken on Easter Monday in Rothenburg LU.

«Overwhelmed and unprofessional»

Around 2000 moped fans gathered in the Ace Cafe Luzern for the moped and solex meet that day . “It was actually a beautiful day. There was a lot going on and the mood was good,” says Dany Kunz. But the manager of the Ace Cafe is angry about the incident. “That makes me sad. We've had 900 events without incident and now this.»

Kunz distances himself from the behavior of the security man from an external security company. “Of course, many young rebels were present at the event, but that in no way justifies such an intervention,” says Kunz, who was able to observe the scene from a distance. «The security man was completely overwhelmed and acted unprofessionally. The situation should have been solved differently.” The man in the video is Markus S.*, the managing director and owner of the company responsible for the security and traffic service at the Töffli-Treff. “We have now terminated the contract with the security company and have already found another solution.” Under no circumstances does Kunz want such incidents to be repeated in the Ace Cafe.

On Monday, the Ace Cafe Lucerne invited to the Moped and Solex Meet. Around 2,000 engine fans came with a good 1,000 two-wheelers.

Video shows security ramming Töffli-Bub off a moving moped

According to the organizer, there was a good atmosphere and there was a lot going on .

Video shows , how security rams Töffli-Bub from the moving moped

There were also physical altercations between young people and the security.

«I was hit by a motorbike»

Safety officer Markus S. sees the situation very differently. “Our job was to prevent noise pollution and races,” explains S. First, they tried to talk to the young people when they disregarded a driving ban. “But the traffic service was completely disregarded,” S. continues. The guests were out of control and insulted and physically attacked the security staff. The situation had escalated to such an extent that the security service had to summon the police twice to provide support.

Furthermore, the Tiktok video only shows half the truth, says Markus S. “The video does not show that the young person ignored my stop sign by hand,” explains the managing director of the security company. He rejects the accusation of having rammed the youth from the moped. “The teenager drove into me on purpose.” S. was injured in the leg. “My knee is so swollen that I had to go to the doctor on Monday evening.”

The Lucerne police confirmed the two operations on request. A presumably souped-up moped was seized.

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