Burglars cleared their villa near Düsseldorf on December 24th. The family was still unable to recover – 10-year-old Rocco in particular had to go through a lot.

While Verona Pooth (53) celebrated Christmas Eve with her husband Franjo (52) and their two sons San Diego (18) and Rocco (10) at their in-laws, thieves broke into their villa.

Verona Pooth and yours Family struggle with fear

They stole things worth several hundred thousand euros from the house near Dortmund – also Pooth's Trinity ring by Cartier is gone.

Verona Pooth and her family struggle with fear

“They were professionals”, Verona is sure. The thieves only took the 15 to 20 most expensive models in their Hermès bag collection with them.

That's what

  • While Verona Pooth (53) was spending Christmas Eve with her family with her in-laws, thieves were clearing their villa out.

  • The burglars stole several hundred thousand euros worth of loot.

  • Including their car, jewelry, designer bags and other valuables.

  • The family is still suffering from the consequences. «Our house has become really strange to me», says the moderator.

“The shock is still deep in my soul. Our house has become really strange to me, “says Verona Pooth (53) to” Bild “. Understandable, because on December 24th her villa was robbed while she and her family were celebrating Christmas Eve with their in-laws. Despite the alarm system, the five criminals stole jewelry and valuables worth several hundred thousand euros. In addition, they devastated large parts of the house, which is located near Düsseldorf.

The stolen items also included things with emotional value, such as their wedding jewelry and family heirlooms. These are gone for good, all that remains is a queasy feeling. “Especially at night, when you want to fall asleep, your thoughts revolve around the fact that someone was in the house.” But moving away is out of the question for the Pooths.

Her husband had already contacted experts over the holidays to install motion detectors and an improved alarm. A security patrol was also organized. “I've never seen Franjo like this before,” says the moderator. “I think it bothered him very much that his family was in such great danger. He does everything to protect us 100 percent. »

Two break-ins in two days

The mother of two now wants to look ahead – also for her younger son Rocco. The 10-year-old had to witness two break-ins in just two days. The day before, the Pooth's neighbors had been broken into. “Roccolito went ice skating with his friend and his parents,” says Verona. “When they came back home, the father gave his okay that the boys could still play with the Playstation. Cheering they ran into the house and met the burglars there. ” He looked the burglars straight in the eyes before they fled.

“They were like cupboards or bodybuilders,” Rocco told the police. And he could even remember the color of the eyes of a masked man. When the house was broken into, it was he who warned adults not to touch anything until the forensics team was there. Verona's son: “There is DNA on it!”

While Mommy Verona was finished, he asked her: “Should I get you a coffee first?” But now her son has also struggled with it. He's been sleeping in bed with mom and dad since the experience. «He wakes up to every little noise. One can say that it is a lived nightmare. ” The family now wants to spend as much time together as possible and let what has happened sink in.

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