Employees of the Valora Group now receive a vaccination bonus across Europe. But those who have already been vaccinated do not benefit from it. That annoys employees.

The Valora Group, which also includes K Kiosk, is now paying a vaccination premium.

Valora pays employees 150 francs for vaccinations

Employees who are fully vaccinated by February 4th receive CHF 150.

 Valora pays employees 150 francs for vaccinations

To do this, they have to present a valid Covid certificate.

That's what

  • Valora employees who are vaccinated by February 4th receive CHF 150.

  • In this way, the company wants to motivate the workforce to have vaccinations.

  • This is the only way that operations and jobs can continue.

  • The Swiss Employers' Association speaks out against the campaign.

The fifth wave is rolling over Switzerland. The first intensive care units are already at their limit again. Most of the patients in intensive care units are not vaccinated. So that more people can be vaccinated, Valora is now paying its employees a premium.

All employees who are fully vaccinated against Corona between November 24th and February 4th receive a one-off 150 francs. In addition, a valid Covid certificate must be presented, as stated in an internal letter from the group, which includes brands such as K Kiosk, Avec and Brezelkönig (see box).

This is Valora:

The Valora- Gruppe is an internationally active Swiss trading company based in Muttenz. The company employs 15,000 people across Europe. The Valora Group includes brands such as K Kiosk, Avec, Press & amp; Books as well as Brezelkönig and Caffè Spettacolo. In 2020, Valora generated net sales of 1.7 billion francs.

Employees who have already been vaccinated or are now getting the third vaccination will not receive any bonus. News-Scout K. works at Valora and is annoyed about the company: “I feel totally disadvantaged because we who have been vaccinated have no advantages at all. I think that's unfair. »

Vaccination secures jobs

Valora confirmed to 20 Minuten that all employees across Europe will be paid a one-off bonus. “With the vaccination bonus, we want to create additional motivation in the workforce to get vaccinated after all,” says a media spokeswoman.

The campaign serves all employees. Because there are more and more measures that are linked to the vaccination status. That affects sales outlets and production plants. The vaccination helps to keep operations going and thus secure jobs: «Ultimately, that serves everyone.»

A legal gray area

The Swiss Employers' Association (SAV) does not support the idea of ​​paying a bonus to vaccinated employees: “We believe that this is the wrong approach,” says Daniella Lützelschwab, Head of Labor Market and Labor Law at the SAV.

Much more important at the moment is the correct implementation of tailor-made protective measures in the workplace. In terms of labor law, Valora is moving in a gray area with the vaccination bonus, as Roger Rudolph, an expert in labor law and professor at the University of Zurich, says something already decided », explains Rudolph. However, companies are generally legally allowed to differentiate employees according to categories and to pay differently.

Vaccination motivation could decrease

In principle, bonuses or rewards work in the work environment, explains Petra Schmid, an expert in work psychology at ETH Zurich. However, this does not increase the motivation to have the vaccination out of personal conviction – it could even decrease.

Because certain employees can get the feeling that the company is interfering in personal matters. “Those unwilling to vaccinate may feel attacked and misunderstood,” says Schmid. At the same time, those who have already been vaccinated feel that they have been treated unfairly when they no longer receive a bonus.

This has a negative effect on the company: “Those who do not identify with the values ​​of the organization and do not feel that they are being treated fairly are less motivated and is more likely to decide to leave a company », says Schmid.

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