This new Netflix TV show is more popular than ever. Now the social media communities are also playing, testing the challenges and distributing the content on Instagram and Tiktok.

Janelle Han has jumped on the bandwagon and shares a lot of “Squid Game” content. Your videos regularly go viral.

 On social media, users post the challenges from

Many users post challenges such as “Red Light Green Light” from “Squid Game” on Tiktok and Instagram.

 On social media, users post the challenges from & laquo; Squid Game & raquo; to

One of the challenges is to remove a pre-cut shape from a kind of biscuit without breaking it .


  • Last weekend, “Squid Games”, a new production for the streaming provider Netflix, climbed to number 1 in all countries.

  • The actors in the series are hugely popular social media.

  • Users of Instagram and Tiktok get creative and imitate the challenges of the series.

The new hit series on Netflix, “Squid Games”, has already cast a spell over numerous users. As 20 Minuten reported, the series landed at number 1 of the most popular Netflix shows in all countries in which it is available last weekend.

The exciting plot, which is reminiscent of a mixture of «Hunger Games “And” Kill Bill “reminds, as the Today Show reports, is also making waves on social media. Some of the actors involved have already built up impressive communities on Instagram and Tiktok.

Model and actress HoYeon Jung For example, it now has an enormous following of over 13 million people on Instagram. And the official Squid Game -Tiktok channel has already secured a million followers with just two videos.

Creative Tiktokers play Squid Games

Tiktok is teeming with interpretations of the “Squid Games”. Various games in the series are implemented with creative means and distributed on the platform. The buzz created by social media increases the interest of users who have not yet watched the series.

The hashtag #squidgame has already received over 24 billion views on Tiktok. Among other things, the “Red Light Green Light” challenge has already found many imitators within a few days. The creators freeze in their movements as soon as the scary doll stops singing and its eyes start to glow red. The tiktoker Vanessa Isaac Perez was able to generate over 135 million views with one of her tiktoks within a week.

Under the hashtag #squidgamecandy, which has already reached 560 million views, the game is from the third episode of the first season picked up. Here the candidates should try to break a pre-cut shape out of a kind of biscuit. This does not seem to succeed even with various tiktokers.

Countless Instagram filters

In a short time, space has been created on Instagram for various filters that invite interactive participation. An AR filter called “Red Lite, Green Lite” can even be used together with friends to re-enact the iconic scene with the scary doll. If you scroll through the countless Instagram filters, you can see what hype this new Netflix series has triggered on social media.

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 On social media, users post the challenges of & laquo; Squid Game & raquo; according to

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