The air filtration system has become a big hit during the pandemic. The invention from the canton of Zug can be found in thousands of indoor spaces around the world and keeps the air clean.

The air filters from the Swiss company Aeris have enjoyed great popularity since the outbreak of the pandemic .

 US company buys air filter start-up from Switzerland for 72 million

You can find them in living rooms, shops or schoolrooms all over the world.

US company buys air filter start-up from Switzerland for 72 million

Now the US company iRobot, which has developed the Roomba vacuum cleaner robot, has signed Aeris for Purchased 72 million dollars.

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  • An air filter from Switzerland has been found in more and more interiors and shops since the outbreak of the corona pandemic.

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    Aeris' air filters are selling extremely well all over the world.

  • Now the two company founders and ETH graduates have sold their company to the US company iRobot for 72 million dollars.

Two Swiss engineers made big business with their invention, an air filter. The US tech company iRobot, which among other things developed the famous “Roomba” vacuum cleaner robot, transferred 72 million dollars to the two founders of Aeris Pierre Bi (30) and Constantin Overlack (31).

The two develop their air filters together with their team at the headquarters in Cham in the canton of Zug, as reported by “Blick”. Aeris devices filter dust, pollen or animal hair out of the air. In the last two years, however, they are likely to have experienced a boom, mainly due to Corona.

Aeris filters were particularly popular in major Chinese cities, where the corona virus was the first to spread and the government is cracking down on further outbreaks. According to the two company founders, Aeris sales are currently growing in the high three-digit range.

Tinder co-founder helped with the financing with

In Switzerland, the big run on the Aeris devices has not yet occurred despite several corona waves. Company founder Bi assumes a misunderstanding in this country, as he explains to the “Blick”. “In Switzerland, people still assume that ventilation is enough. It has been scientifically proven that air filters minimize the risk of infection. ”

In other countries, however, governments would invest heavily in the technology. For example, Aeris recently sent 15,000 devices to Australia. These should be used there in classrooms. The USA is another major sales market. There, the Aeris devices should be used primarily against smog and in fire situations. Forest fires like the recent one in Colorado seem to have further increased the need for clean air.

The two ETH Zurich graduates founded their company four years ago. The company has 20 employees in Switzerland and another twelve in the USA and Asia. More jobs are planned for the new year. They have also received financial support from prominent bodies. As the “Blick” writes, one of the founders of the dating app Tinder has also invested in the company. Aeris can already produce 100,000 devices per year. They cost between 500 and 1000 francs. Bi and Overlack will continue to work for the company even after the takeover by iRobot.

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