Two feathered problem children are in the care ward of Tierpark Goldau. A golden eagle was shot and a bearded vulture had a serious accident. How her life will continue is still unclear.

Bearded vulture Donna Elvira had an accident after being caught back.

Unknown shot with shot golden eagle and bearded vulture

Game warden Franz Röthlin had an accident with the rescued Donna Elvira in difficult terrain

Unknown shot with shot crashed into a golden eagle and bearded vulture

In order to rescue Donna Elvira as quickly as possible and bring her to the veterinary clinic, a quad was also used.

That's what it's all about

  • Because of different fates and injuries, two wild birds are housed in the care station of Tierpark Goldau.

  • The bearded vulture Donna Elvira suffered broken bones when she collided with a transport cable.

  • The protected golden eagle was found in the canton of Uri after it was shot at with shot.

  • The animals are doing well under the circumstances and they are eating.

In the Rynächtflue area in Schattdorf UR, a golden eagle was injured on the ground at the beginning of December, as the Uri cantonal police announced on Thursday. A gamekeeper recovered the animal and brought it to the Goldau zoo's care station for examination. “It was found that the golden eagle's injury was caused by shotgun fire,” the statement said.

In the nursing station, the raptor's wing was stabilized so that the broken bones could heal. The eagle will remain in the nursing station until further notice. “He will stay with us for a total of about two months,” says veterinarian Martin Wehrle on request. If the healing process is satisfactory, reintroduction is possible again. However, this is currently not foreseeable.

Donna Elvira was quickly located thanks to satellite transmitters

The bearded vulture Donna Elvira also has to be treated for a serious injury in Goldau. She recently collided with a transport cable in the canton of Obwalden, as the Pro Bearded Geier Foundation announced on Thursday. Thanks to the satellite transmitter, the injured animal could be located quickly and the alarmed game guard was able to rescue it. She is now being treated for multiple broken bones.

“They are eating and both birds are doing well given the circumstances,” Wehrle continues. However, the prognosis for the bearded vulture is poor. A reintroduction will hardly be possible. Wehrle: «If this is the case, it can probably be included in a breeding program.»

Unknowns shot at the protected golden eagle

However, it is still unclear what will happen to the golden eagle if it can no longer be released into the wild. According to Wehrle, if the eagle remains unable to fly, it would have to be redeemed. He explains the reasons: “You can't compare the two birds. The golden eagle was raised in the wild and there are no breeding programs for eagles either.” The responsible hunting administration has the last word on the fate of the bird of prey.

It is unclear who shot the protected golden eagle. Nor do you know where the animal was shot. According to the Uri hunting manager Josef Walker, the incident is a novelty: “In the last 15 years we have no knowledge of similar cases.” According to Sonja Aschwanden, media spokeswoman for the cantonal police in Uri, the location of the shooting down could be “in a very large radius from the location due to the eagle’s ability to fly. The police want to exhaust all means through the investigations that have been started and that is why the population is now being asked for help. »

Anyone who can provide information about the golden eagle that was shot at or the circumstances of the shooting are asked to contact the Uri cantonal police immediately, telephone 041 874 53 53.

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