Twins born on the road 116

Thomas and Alyson showed up somewhere between Dosquet and Quebec City on Route 116. The twins were eager to say hello, they did not even wait for the ambulance to arrive.
Michelle Bergeron gave birth to her babies in her van , with only her partner Danny Godin as her companion. It is obvious that this was not the plan the couple had planned.

“I was at 34 weeks and three days. I had just started having small contractions in the morning, 1 hour apart. Around 10 pm at night, I had contractions every 10 minutes so we decided to go to the hospital. I went to the toilet before leaving and lost the waters. Then we rushed, “says the new mother aged 32.

The adventure happened a little after 23h Monday. Mr. Godin had time to walk a few kilometers before having to stop, the new kids were impatient.

“I had in mind that I did not go to the hospital, I already felt them. I shouted to stop the van , I had to drop the pants. Danny called 9-1-1 when the first baby was already out. They told him what to do. The girl arrived three minutes later. ”

Michelle was in the passenger seat, she had lowered the bench. When they arrived, the paramedics did not think the two children were already born, they were preparing for a delivery.

“They did not believe it, they have a little frozen. Danny was a good doctor, he did not have a choice, but he flipped over a bit on the spot. He is proud to have given birth to his guy and his daughter himself, “shares Michelle Bergeron, who does not realize herself, what she has just experienced, everything happened so fast.

“Danny was a good doctor, he did not have a choice, but he got a little on the spot. He is proud to have given birth to his guy and his daughter himself ”
– Michelle Bergeron

In the hospital, the staff also have a hard time believing it. Despite the circumstances, the mother and the two babies are doing well. Alyson and Thomas have been placed in neonatology because they weigh less than 5 lbs, but they remain healthy.

“They told me to buy a lottery ticket … I’ll go when I go out and if I win, I’ll buy a new van !”

Seven children

It must be said that Michelle is not at his first delivery, she and Danny are now parents of 5 children, including another series of twins. And Mrs. Bergeron already had two children from a first union, which raises her account to seven beautiful children. His last childbirth will certainly be the most striking, at least the most unique.

“It was him, the best. It was fast, but we liked it. It was intimate. We were just two of us, surrounded by fields of cows. It adds a little something special. In the hospital, there are plenty of people everywhere, it’s different, “says the mother.

She also confirms that there is action at home. Her big family is moving air, but she loves it.

“It’s moving, I can not wait to go back, I find it flat in the hospital. I think the babysitters can not wait for Mom and Dad to come back, I think they’re out of breath! ”

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