8K resolution, nanocell technology and a price tag of at least 4500 francs. Find out what else the 75-inch LG TV has to offer in this test.

< p> The LG 75QNED99 is also an art picture frame.

 TV and artwork - this 4500 francs piece can do that in everyday life

For IPS LCD televisions, the TV new standards. The brightness is excellent.

TV and Artwork - this 4500 francs piece can do that in everyday life

The operation of webOS 6.0 takes getting used to.

That's what it's all about

  • LG is scratching the OLED image with its new 75QNED99 LCD TV.

  • With the 8K TV sets new standards.

  • The device is quite a chunk, but it does well in the test.

The new giant televisions from LG are available with diagonals of 65, 75 and 86 inches, and prices start at around 4500 francs. This is not cheap, but with the size of the TVs, the new technology and the functions offered, it is surprising that the price is not much higher. The concept of mini-LED is quickly explained: Much smaller LEDs now illuminate the TV screen, which continues to rely on LG's top features Quantum Dot and NanoCell.

The combination of technologies should beat all previous LCD TVs by offering greater brightness, a black almost comparable to OLED devices and more brilliant colors. The test quickly shows: LG's new mini-LED TVs match up directly with Samsung's Neo-QLED devices in terms of price and performance.

The TV heavyweight

When setting up the LG 75QNED99, one thing is noticeable: It is a heavyweight. The television weighs 37.4 kilograms, with the crescent-shaped, curved base in silver gray it is even 40.8 kilograms. This is surprising, because both the stand and the device appear slim, the screen is flat and the edges are extremely thin. The cable can be hidden in the foot, covers also protect the many connections on the back.

The panel shows its strengths directly during commissioning. The viewing angle stability is excellent, and sunlight hardly causes reflections. Incidentally, the TV is optimized for wall mounting. It is a shame that the TV set is not allowed to display its 8K qualities in everyday life – apart from some YouTube and streaming provider content, there are hardly any 8K clips from which one could benefit. The LG TV is probably a good investment in the future, but some users will probably also have price concerns if they are not really interested in 8K at the moment.

New user interface

However, 4K content also benefits from the 8K qualities. The TV can optimize the pixels per inch with 4K content, which leads to an even sharper and more vivid picture. The device has a hard time upscaling standard definition content. In terms of lighting, on the other hand, the impression is unbelievably good, the brightness is one of LG's strengths.

LG's new user interface, webOS 6.0, is surprising and takes some getting used to. After all, the predecessor was one of the highlights for LG fans. The new version brings major changes: The start screen is now displayed in full screen, the old horizontally arranged function fields at the bottom of the screen have disappeared. The start screen is now full of function tiles, making navigation a bit complicated for newbies to learn. It was not completely verifiable whether repeated jerking on the test device was the normal case or was only due to the rather weak internet connection.

Note: «Very good»

OLED televisions are still superior in terms of black tones and contrasts, but the 75QNED99 can impressively shorten the lead and deliver a great picture that has not yet been seen on LG televisions with IPS technology. When it comes to sound, the 75QNED99 also scores. The playback in Dolby Atmos mode is fantastic, because even when you sit to the side or further away from the TV set, the sound is powerful and fills the room.

The LG 75QNED99 new standards. The brightness is excellent, but what is particularly impressive is how much the new mini LED technology can get out of colors, contrasts and black tones. The sound is also one of the best that modern TV sets have to offer. Small drawbacks are the surprisingly heavy weight of the TV and the rather classic design. If you only use 4K, you will find cheaper alternatives to LG TV, but if you want to be prepared for 8K content that will hopefully soon be available, the 75QNED99 is a TV rated “very good” in the price-performance comparison.

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