Mark Meadows, the former chief of staff of Trump, has written a book about his time in the White House – and is giving an explosive price.

According to a book by his chief of staff, he was said to have tested positive a week before his officially announced Corona illness: Donald Trump during the TV duel with Biden. (September 29, 2021)

 Trump tested positive for Corona before the TV duel with Biden

The first TV debate between Trump (left) and Biden turned into a mud fight.

 Trump was before-tv-duel tested positive for Corona with Biden

Was Trump already infected with the virus at this point in time?

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  • Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows has written a book.

  • In it he says that the then US President Trump was already three days before the first election speech duel had tested positive for the corona virus.

  • Trump denies that.

According to a new book, the former US President Donald Trump is said to have tested positive for the corona virus three days before his first election speech duel with his challenger Joe Biden – and thus just under a week before his officially announced corona illness. Trump was informed of the positive test result on September 26, 2020 on board the presidential aircraft Air Force One, writes Trump's then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in a book to be published soon, according to the British daily Guardian.

A second test turned out negative. Trump saw this as “full permission to continue as if nothing had happened,” writes Meadows accordingly. “Nothing” could stop the incumbent from the TV duel with Biden three days later in the city of Cleveland. The debate on September 29, 2020 turned into a real mud battle because Trump kept interrupting his Democratic challenger.

Trump was in the hospital for several days

A few days later, Trump tested positive for the corona virus again. He announced this on the night of October 2 in the short message service Twitter and a short time later was flown by helicopter to the hospital, where he was treated for several days.

The public was never informed of the first positive corona test, dated September 26, which his former chief of staff is now reporting. “I didn't want to alert the public if there was nothing to worry about – which was the case according to the new, more accurate test,” Meadows writes in his new book, according to the Guardian.

Trump denies

Trump rejected the information on Wednesday:” The story that I had Covid before or during the first debate is fake news, “said the 75-year-old. “The fact is that a test showed that I had no Covid before the debate.”

Trump has repeatedly been sharply criticized for his handling of the corona pandemic. Critics accuse the ex-president of having downplayed the danger posed by the virus for a long time and hindered an effective fight against the pandemic. His suggestion from April 2020 to treat corona patients with injections of disinfectants or light irradiation has not been forgotten. In the USA, more than 780,000 people have died as a result of a corona infection – the highest number registered worldwide.


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