Trump “Statue of Liberty” set on fire in Slovenia

An unusual wooden statue of Donald Trump burnt down completely in Slovenia, probably the target of vandalism, a few months after its controversial installation by a local architect, municipal authorities said on Thursday.
Slovenia is the birthplace of Melania Trump, the wife of the President.

Nothing remains of the eight-meter-high creation built of wooden planks and parodying the American president, in a dark suit, red tie, scowl, famous straw-colored wick made of planks drawn forward.

Firefighters who intervened in the night from Wednesday to Thursday could not prevent it from being completely consumed, AFP said the mayor of the locality of Moravce, located about thirty kilometers from Ljubljana and where the statue had been transferred last month.

Ironically baptized “Statue of Liberty” by its author, it had been inaugurated at the end of August in a village close to Moravce where its presence had ended up disturbing the inhabitants because of the many curious that it attracted.

“It is an attack on art and tolerance (…) against the fundamental values ​​of Europe”, lamented the mayor Milan Balazic, also regretting to lose an attraction for the installation of which he had spent 1500 euros.

As of its installation last summer, this effigy intended, according to its author, to denounce populisms had warmed the spirits, divided between groupies and detractors.

Interviewed Thursday by AFP, the Slovenian architect Tomaz Schlegl behind the project said he suspected an act of vandalism in connection with the escalation of tensions in the Middle East since the elimination by Washington of an Iranian general.

Shortly after his transfer to Moravce, the statue was seen wearing a mustache, in a clear reference to that of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

“I think these attacks are understandable given what is going on in the world,” said Schlegl.

This architect had explained in August that his parodic project of “Statue of Liberty” was inspired by the statue of Melania Trump, erected in a field near his hometown of Sevnica. No less discussed, this monument cut with a chainsaw in a tree trunk and sometimes compared to a “scarecrow”, is still in place.

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