“Transport Fever 2” and its predecessors have already been downloaded a million times. The games from Switzerland are particularly popular with fans in Japan.

The train simulator games from the company« Urban Games »from Schaffhausen are a huge hit with train fans around the world.

 Train simulator games from Switzerland are a huge hit in Asia

In the games you can pretend to be a traffic planner and be on the move in different eras.

 Train simulator-games from Switzerland are a huge hit in Asia

The Gamestudio has released three PC games so far.

That's what

  • With “Transport Fever” or “Train Fever” you build your own train world.

  • The simulator games come from the forge of the Schaffhausen company Urban Games.

  • Fans from all over the world love the PC games and bring the Swiss company millions in income.

Urban Games employs 20 people in Schaffhausen. Among other things, “Transport Fever 2” was created in the offices at the train station: one of three train simulator games that the company has published to date. In the games, which are available for PC and Mac, you can try your hand at being a track builder or train driver and build your own traffic world. The games are extremely popular outside of Switzerland. So far they have been sold two million times. The latest and most popular – “Transport Fever 2” – brought in 15 million francs alone. With development costs of around four million francs, this has resulted in a hefty profit.

Swiss simulator games enjoy great popularity

Urban Games was founded in 2013 by two brothers. The ETH engineers had wanted to create a game for a long time and were well advanced with the development of their first train simulator “Train Fever”. But the cost of completing the game was too high to be covered by yourself. So they started crowdfunding. They were able to collect 250,000 francs from fans all over the world. After five years the money was paid back and the programmers could get on with the next issue.

The “Transport Fever” fan community has been working on the success of the game ever since. They make adjustments and changes in the form of so-called “modifications”. One of the most popular mods is a timetable maker app. “We initially suspected that the feature was too complex for our users, but meanwhile the timetable mod has been downloaded over 50,000 times,” explains company boss Basil Weber to the Tamedia newspapers. The Swiss sell a lot of games, especially in Japan, the home country of the Shinkansen express train. The games from Urban Games are now so successful that foreign investors have knocked on the door in Schaffhausen.

The success of “Transport Fever 2” is reminiscent of another simulator game from Switzerland. In “Farming Simulator” you can pretend to be a farmer. The game from the Zurich development studio Giant Software is the most successful game from Swiss cuisine and this autumn even topped the list of top sellers on the Steam gaming platform.

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