The head behind «Schwiizchiste» is immersed in the world of crypto currencies for a month. In doing so, he not only met a profit, but also a lot of despair.

Are bitcoins only used for illegal business? And can you actually go shopping with digital money? Robin Pickis confronts the most common prejudices about cryptocurrencies.

That's what it's all about

  • In a self-experiment, comedian Robin Pickis (28) tried for a month to earn money by trading crypto currencies.

  • In doing so, he came into contact with the most successful crypto millionaires in the world.

  • However, he himself soon discovered that only a few were among the winners – and that the market also costs a lot of time, energy and money.

  • In the video above, Robin now faces the most common prejudices about cryptocurrencies and explains what is really behind the hype.

Usually comedian and content creator Robin Pickis (28) is known for his funny videos and pranks. But he has now proven with a risky self-experiment that the head behind the social media channel «Schwiizchiste» can also do other things.

«I immersed myself in the absurd world of crypto currencies for a month,» says the Zürcher opposite 20 minutes. Lured by the quick profit and the prospect of a lot of money, the 28-year-old soon discovered that trading successfully with cryptocurrencies demands a high price.

«The crypto market is online 24 hours a day. This world is more addicting and ten times worse than social media, ”says the 28-year-old. The reason: “It's not just about likes, it's about real profit.” If you give yourself too much to this game, you get “uncomfortable pressure” and you are constantly afraid of missing out on the big win. “For people who quickly get lost in something, this can cause psychological stress – which can be dangerous.”

«It's better to invest long-term»

Making sustainable profit from the market is a full-time job. “Trading, that is, buying and selling different currencies every day, breaks you.” His tip is therefore: “At the beginning it makes more sense to invest long-term – for example in Bitcoin.” He also pays in a small amount every month, which has so far enriched him financially.

Robin's conclusion after the experiment: «I can recommend everyone to take a good look at the topic. Cryptocurrencies are likely to become more and more relevant in the future and, in the long term, will change the way we deal with money. Where and how much you actually invest should be decided carefully. »

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