Which route will Santa Claus fly in his sleigh this year? A Google website will show you and let the time go by before the presents with a multitude of games and educational material.

Where is Santa Claus now?

< p> follow-santa claus with this google-tool

This can be tracked on Google's “Santa Tracker”.

 Follow Santa Claus with this Google tool

There are also a whole range of games available.

That's what

  • is about

    Google has created a tool that should show where Santa Claus is at the moment.

  • It's called “Santa Tracker”.

  • A variety of mini-games can also be played there.

  • There is also educational material on the website.

< Santa Claus only has one day to visit all the houses in the world and leave presents - so the story goes. In order to be able to follow exactly where Santa Claus has been so far, the tech giant Google has built a tool that shows where Santa Claus is currently and which countries he has visited so far.

The tool is called “Santa Tracker” and uses the technology and interface of Google Maps. There you can see that Santa Claus took off from Santa's village at the North Pole around eleven o'clock today and is making his way to Europe via Russia and Japan. Interesting information about the places where Santa Claus has already landed can also be found on the website.

Traditions from all over the world

But that's not all. If you want to shorten the time until Santa Claus drops by, you can play countless games with a Christmas look on the Google website. In the “Code Lab”, for example, you can learn to code in a playful way and in simple steps. You can also go snowboarding with Santa's elves, play lollipop pinball, take part in a snowball fight or build buildings with snow boxes.

Those who prefer not to play can learn interesting information about Christmas traditions from all over the world instead. For example, one can read that people in Finland believe that Santa Claus lives in Korvatunturi in the northern part of their country. In Guatemala Christmas is celebrated with exuberant dancing and in Ghana the adults dress up and distribute sweets in the neighborhood.

Art and password protection

You can also watch a series of informative videos such as “Penguin Password Protection”. You can also act artistically, because the website offers young and old the opportunity to be artistically active on a canvas. For example, you can paint together with the Google robot “Tensor”, which tries to guess the terms that have been painted and over time learns to understand better and better what is being drawn.

Google's “Santa Tracker” has existed since 2004, but has constantly evolved and improved over the years. The tool can be accessed either via the desktop site or via the app from Google's Play Store.


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