The final of “The Masked Singer Switzerland” took place on Wednesday evening. Despite claustrophobia, Ritschl managed to win as a mammoth. So extreme was the experience for the singer.

The final started with a joint performance by the finalists and the advice team. Everyone sang “You'll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins with a lot of passion.

 & laquo; The mammoth smelled as hell towards the end & raquo;

After their appearance, Christa Rigozzi (38) and Luca Hänni (27) sat down at the advice desk for the last time. They were supported this week by musician Baschi (35, left).

 & laquo; Towards the end the mammoth smelled as bright & raquo;

The finale of “The Masked Singer Switzerland” was also moderated by Anna Maier (44).

That's what

  • is aboutCelebrities perform in elaborately decorated costumes on the TV show “The Masked Singer Switzerland”. A guessing team and the audience should find out during the program who is hiding under the masks.

  • The mammoth won the final on Wednesday. Ritschi was in the costume.

  • Together with the other participants, he let it rip afterwards.

  • speaks in the interview he talks about his experience during the special competition.

On Wednesday evening, the singer Ritschi was unmasked under the mammoth costume at “The Masked Singer Switzerland” as the winner of the second season. The 42-year-old from Bern is very happy. After the show, he insisted on toasting the success with his opponents, the presenter Sandra Studer (52) and the actor Walter Andreas Müller (76) with mulled wine at the Cologne Christmas market. “I'm too old for such parties now,” he jokes with 20 minutes before the interview. The three of them would have let the end of the six-week adventure fade away in the hotel lobby until shortly before four o'clock.

Ritschi, how great is the relief that the masks have now fallen?

Infinitely great. It was a great experience, but those six weeks were also extremely exhausting. I was always in Cologne from Monday to Thursday. It was a particularly difficult time for my kids.

What excuses did you give your family?

For organizational reasons, I had to initiate my wife and mother-in-law. My kids had to be content with “De Bäppu isch am schaffe”.

You were one of the professionals among the participants – did that help you in the show?

After a career of more than 20 years, this is my daily bread, so to speak – that was my advantage. Still: Performing in costume is really not easy. It's like tying a lead block to the leg of a professional swimmer. You are simply handicapped. In addition, I usually sing in Swiss German. It was difficult for me to remember the English texts.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

Clearly the costume! In there it is dark, hot, towards the end it smelled as light and you are cut off from the events around you. I'm slightly claustrophobic, which I didn't consider at the beginning. When I tried it on for the first time, I wanted to give it all up.

How satisfied were you with your mammoth costume?

It was the coolest. Somehow I suspect that I owed part of my victory to the mask. There are so many details that you can't see on TV. I hate dust catchers at home, but I would have loved to keep the mammoth.

What do you personally take home with you after the show?

I was repeatedly pushed to my limits. Exceeding these and growing oneself was simply terrific.

After the magic show, the magic of Christmas will soon follow. How do you spend the holidays?

We will probably spend the Christmas holidays as a family on the ski slopes. Until then, I still have work to do because my single «Iszyt» will be released tomorrow.

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 & laquo; Towards the end the mammoth smelled as bright & raquo;

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